Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Why are Olympians doing cupping? It is because of poor blood circulations.

Why are Olympians doing cupping? 
Why are certain areas darker than the rest?

The main reason why certain areas darker after doing cupping is because the blood circulation in the body is not good enough to purify the blood in the body as shown below.

So Why is good blood circulation is important for our body? It is because blood actually delivers nutrients and hormones to our organs.

How do we develop poor blood circulation?
They are but not limited to smoking, pregnancy, eating disorders, and weight gain where  someone can become vulnerable to this condition.

Poor blood circulation can affects people of all ages. This could lead to serious damage to your brain, heart, liver, kidney and limbs if left untreated, especially elderly people but should be taken seriously at any age.

What are the visible signs that one should look out for?

  • Leg Ulcers - If you notice dry red patches digging into the skin of your leg or feet.
  • Swelling – If your hands or feet begin to show swollen and puffy.
  • Discolored Skin – Skin slight discoloration, also known as cyanosis, or slightly bruised looking.
  • Varicose Veins – These veins most commonly appear near the feet and ankles.
  • Hair Loss - Hair might become dry and start to thin and fall out in certain areas.
  • Weak Nails – nails tend to become much weaker and fall apart easily.

Are there any physical signs to look out for?

Digestive Issues – When digestion is slowed it causes constipation.
Weakened Immune System – wounds and injuries take much longer to heal.
Cold Hands and Feet – chilly feelings, usually in the hands and feet.
Exhaustion – a lack of breath, sore muscles, and less endurance during daily activities?
Erectile Dysfunction – becomes increasingly difficult to perform sexual tasks and may eventually stop completely?
Angina – a squeezing pain in the chest?
Lack of Appetite – less food cravings and eat smaller meals during the day?
Poor Cognitive Function – feeling less focused and having memory problem?
Feeling Numb – Ever felt numb for sitting or squatting for too long in the same position?

Why Nefful clothing can help improve our body blood circulation?

The negative ions in the air actually gets attracted to the nefful clothing and our skin being the largest organ of our body is so pleased to receive these vitamins in the air that actually contributed the following qualities which promotes good body blood circulation.

  • Purify our blood
  • Increase our immune system
  • regulates our autonomic nerve system
  • Activate cells rejuvenate
  • And most importantly improve our body blood circulations.
Before I got to know Nefful, i visited the TCM for medical massage and treatment twice a week for 2 years, however the pain just comes back after a 2 days. And ever since i started wearing the full set of nefful clothings i no longer need to visit my TCM for medical treatment anymore.

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