Wednesday, November 4, 2015

What is the bed of a QiGong Master made of? 氣功師父的床鋪!!!

Have you ever wonder what bed does a QiGong Master sleeps on every night?

 The following bed may look ordinary, however there are more than meets the eye, and what is so amazing about this bed that a QiGong Master sleeps on?

If we look closer, this bed of a QiGong master is actually made up of 50 sheets of Nefful Teviron bedsheets. This QiGong Master uses his QiGong to heal people and this makes him very tired when the day ends. Every night he will be drained of his Qi and need to replenish them. With the help of Nefful Teviron bedsheet, he is able to regain his Qi after sleeping on the 50 sheets of Nefful Teviron bedsheets. After a good night sleep on the 50 sheets of Nefful Teviron bedsheets, he is able to replenish his energy used on healing people and felt refresh the next day.

For every cubic centimeters of the Nefful Teviron Blanket/Bed sheet, it can generate 20-30 thousands of Negative ions. Just imagine sleeping on 50 sheets of Nefful Teviron bedsheets, that would amount to over 100 thousands of Negative ions, and according to Asian Medical Journal - 100,000 to 500,000 negative ions helps our body to self-heal. If a QiGong master can sleep in this way, I believe we too deserve quality sleep and replenish our Qi and energy due to our stressful busy city life.

Only Nefful's Teviron will continue to generate Negative ions wash after after and with proper care, it can last for 10 or even over 20 years.

Want to know more, feel free to contact me for more information. 

上圖看似普通的床鋪有何神奇之處?  其實底下鋪了50條以上的妮芙露負離子床單。


一床妮芙露負離子被套,每立方公分可產生20~30 萬個負離子的電量。多層次的包覆、鋪蓋,負離子量更可達百萬以上,就能啟動身體自我療癒的功效。氣功師父可以這樣睡,一般人每天繁忙的生活更需要在睡眠中好好調理。



Thank you to Picture Source : JpNefful

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