Sunday, October 19, 2014

Anion Count for Nefful Teviron Bed sheet

Have you ever wondered how much anion counts is in the Nefful Teviron Bed sheet?
Have you ever wanted to sleep in the forest? : )

Well, having a Nefful Teviron Bed sheet is like sleeping in a forest every night. The number of anion count found in the Nefful Teviron Bed sheet on average is around 2000 but occasionally you noticed that it went as high as 8000.

Thus if we sleep on Nefful Teviron Bed sheet every night, our body will absorb so much anions that we actually become more healthier every day.

The other benefit of absorbing more anion into our body is becoming younger, the anions actually rejuvenate our body cells and makes us look even younger. One very good example is my younger brother, people who do not know us will think that he is my elder brother, despite I am 7 years older than him. : ) Amazingly many other Nefful users have the same experience as me. : )

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