Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Are you taking medicine that is harmful to your body?

Do you know anyone who has problem with the liver?
Do you know someone who is taking medicine for so many years and doesn't show any signs of improved health?

I came across this article in MyPaper on 6th June 2013, page B2. In the article, it reported that this uncle who had liver problem for over 20 years was eating an expensive medicine to sustain his life and one of the pills cost $330. According to his filial son, he had sold his landed property in Bukit Timah road, including some shop houses to pay for his dad's medicine, which chalked up to over SGD$1,000,000 in 2 years.

Maybe Nefful healthy clothing could have helped his dad improve his health, and he might not have needed to sell his landed property and those shop houses.

If taking medicine does not help improve the health of a person who is having liver problem, I would suggest seeking other methods like wearing healthy clothing.

And speaking of taking medicine, please do be careful what kind of medicine you are taking. Like today(25th June 2013) when I read MyPaper, on page B4, it shows the following 2 medicine which HSA advised not to take, as the drugs contain substances that are harmful like Piroxicam and Steroid. If you have taken these medicine, please stop taking them immediately and consult your doctor immediately.

Thus I feel that wearing Nefful teviron clothing is still the safest way to maintain a good health with a balanced good diet. If you are interested to find out more about having a safe and convenient way of maintaining a good health and preventing illnesses, contact me now. Have a healthy day. 

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