Thursday, April 4, 2013

The full set of Nefful clothing that my mom is wearing.

What nefful clothing did I get for my mother? What kind of health improvement did she benefit from wearing all this nefful clothing?

Please let me share with you some of the benefit my mom is enjoying;

1. She lost a few kg, and is able to wear some of the older pants as her size has reduced.

2. Her High Blood pressure is under control and lowered after wearing the nefful clothing.

3. Her white hair is turning to darker grey.

4. She looks younger as compared to 4 years ago.

5. She doesn't complain about her pain when walking and climbing the staircase as compared to 4
years ago before she started wearing. Especially when going out for shopping.

6. Her visit to the toilet in the middle of the night had reduced and some times she can sleep all the way until in the morning without going to the toilet in the middle of the night.

So what is she wearing? Is this the complete set my mom is using? Yes.

For the Tops, I got for her

CA02 - short sleeves undershirt, 4 pcs to wash and change daily.

For the Bottoms
CA04 - 2 pcs to wash and change daily.

CA05 - 2 pcs to wash and change daily, especially when she wants to wear knee length outer pants.

CA06 - 1 pc to wash and change daily. She still prefers TS04 even though this is the higher grade panties.

TS04 - 6 pcs to wash and change daily. My mom prefers this, according to her it is more comfortable.

Other support wears

TL52 socks - 3 pairs, which my mom wears at night to keep her feet warm.

1702 Knee supporters - 2 pairs for her knees

1720 Wrist supporter - 2 pairs for her wrist for better blood circulation

1729 Neck warmer - 1 pc for her neck to prevent her from cough.

1712 Knee comforter - 2 pairs for her to wear at night to keep her knees warm.

TL56 Leg warmers - 1 pair for her to keep her legs warm during the colder night in Singapore. It is quite fashionable too. : )

2443 - White scarf - 2 pcs for her to use around her neck when she has a cold or anywhere on her body if she felt painful.

HS11W - At night my mom would like on the Nefful bedsheet that is spread over the mattress.

HS44W - Normally my mom will sleep with the air-con ON, especially there few days, its extremely warm. My mom would use the blanket when the weather get colder.

That my friend is the complete set for one person to use on a daily basis. Please feel free to contact me at +65 9011 8620 or email me at for more information. For more on how to take good care such wonderful teviron clothing, please check out my other posts on taking care of these wonderful teviron. Have a beautiful day ahead.

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