Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Unknown swelling of the head and neck

Do you know someone who had visited to many doctors (Eastern & Western) and yet the doctor is not able to diagnose what is the cause?

Do you someone who is currently paying the doctors lots of money but not able to help improve her current health condition?

Well, let Kris Tan share with you her experience. I heard her sharing after the Nefful English Seminar conducted by Sunny Wu AGM. That's Kris Tan in the picture.

Before taking up Nefful as a full time business, Kris was the owner of a design company. Now you will be wondering why she did that, well read on....

Kris suffered from a condition of swelling in the head and neck, she visited many Chinese & Western doctors, as long as friends recommended a good doctor, she would go and let the doctor check her condition. All the doctors told her the reason was unknown. Gradually her vision was getting blurred and she was losing hearing in one ear. Slowly she couldn't 'feel' her head because more than half of it was getting numb.

Due to her severe condition, she went to several specialists, TCMs, acupuncturists and chiropractors. Eventually her medical bills were becoming overwhelming and some weeks it could reach as high as SG$500!

Kris had been a user of Nefful sample blankets previously. Her introducer had been very patient in following up with her health condition, and helped Kris understand the importance of the full set of Nefful. Only by using the full set of Nefful clothing, her condition would improve much faster. At that point of time, Kris decided to invest more than 1 full set of Nefful products in one order. It was a small investment compared to her ever growing weekly medical bills!

Upon using the full set on the 1st night, Kris's regain her hearing the next day! Gradually, her vision also became clearer, and the swelling in the head gradually reduced.

For the first few months, Kris was only using the full set at night, thus the improvement was not stable. After learning more about Negative ions and the importance of using the full set day & night, she finally decided to use the Nefful clothing day and night 24/7. True enough her condition became better and improvement were faster too!

After witnessed her unknown condition improved so much from wearing the full set of Nefful garment, Kris invested Nefful clothing for all her family members. That is how she decided to end her design business to focus on Nefful full time. Helping more people.

If you want to know more about Nefful and how it can help you and your love one, please feel free to contact me for a cup of tea. My contact is +65 9011 8620 or email me at

Have a wonderful day.

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