Friday, August 3, 2012

Make an impact to people's life.

Do you know anyone who have chronic skin allergy for the past 30 years?
Do you know someone who wanted to change people's life by being a teacher?

The following sharing is by a very smart and brilliant person who had worked for MOE for over 10 years before coming out to start her own Educational business. She is also the author of 2 textbooks used in Singapore schools. She has a successful Education Business, yet she came into Nefful full time after her health improved. Watch her own testimonial sharing and know what changed her life and now she is determined to Change other people's life in a more impact-full way.

So what is her worst health issue that she had to face every single day of her life?

At the worst stage of her skin problem for the past 30 years, she had lesion on her body and her rashes wounds would be bleeding every single day, this wounds just would not close up. For 6-8 months there were no skins on her hands, and she had to wrap her hands with bandage like burned victims. She had gone to all the skin doctors, tried all the remedy but nothing works for her.

Until she was introduced to Nefful anion clothing last Feb 2011, and she started to wear the full set of Nefful anion clothing. After 6-8 months she noticed that her patches of rashes wounds began to dry up and close up the wounds. Now she does not need to bandage her hands like a burned victim.

To her surprise, her other health problems had improved greatly, like;
  • Bronchitis (Asthma, cough and flu)
  • Period pain monthly
  • 6 years of insomnia
  • Chronic low blood pressure
  • Frequent migraine
  • Water retention in the leg causing leg pain
  • Severe joint problem from past sports injuries. (Ankle, knee, shoulder)

What has changed her life? Click on the above video to find out more.

I invite the possibility that we meet up so that I can share with you more about the benefit of Nefful anion clothing and how Nefful anion clothing can help you and your love ones. Call me + 9011 8620.

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