Sunday, July 15, 2012

Get to share my testimony is a blessing!

Having to take care of someone in the family with health challenges is very tiring as I read all these testimony I began to understand that the whole family suffers too. I am glad I made my mom wear it when her knee pain was just beginning more than than 4 years ago, when she was complaining about her pain for almost 1 year and I could not do not do anything about it. I am glad she she is continuing to wear the nefful clothing I got for her, now she can go out with friends and grand children, come back home to tell me stories instead of complaining about her knee pain. Thank you Nefful for producing such wonderful products.

The next testimony I am about to share is from Zhang Zhu-Jun, her mom had suffered from a stroke and resulted in having left sided hemiplegia over 5 years ago. After more than a year of rehabilitation, her mom got sepsis by kidney stones purulent. During the process of resuscitation, the cardiac stimulant had caused her distal extremities severe hypoxia and necrosis; she was forced to have amputation to avoid the problem of repeated bacterial infections of necrotic tissue.

Over the years, her mom had been under medication control for high blood pressure and poor kidney function. About a year ago, he mom started to do peritoneal dialysis to replace her renal function. However the peritoneal dialysis has not only trouble her already inconvenient life, it also caused her body with phosphorus and potassium imbalance, high cholesterol and low albumin. Thus additional medication was required for the treatment.

Furthermore, her mom had problems of nausea, eye irritation, tears, and snoring loudly. Having checked with cardiologist and ophthalmologists, but they could not find anything abnormal.

After being introduced to Nefful negative ion clothing in early December last year, a full set was purchased for her mom, and after using the full set for about 3 months, her mom's nausea has significantly reduced. She is no longer complaining about her eye irritation. Her blood test reading is back to normal, and there is no need for further medication. This is the best news for her mom as she is terrified of taking medicines. Her mom's problem of snoring and sleeping disorder had improved, now she feels so much better during the daytime.

This product also helped Zhang Zhu-Jun improved her long-term problem of nasal allergy and annoying facial seborrhea dermatitis.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

The Products have enriched my life after retirement!

Do you know someone who is a retired school principal?
Do you know someone who is also had stroke?
And at the same time diagnosed with Parkinson's disease?

The following sharing actually happened to Mr Teo Boon Poy, he is a retired principal of a Chinese primary school in Malaysia. Unfortunately he had stroke one month before the retirement in year of 2000. Luckily for him, his body functioned normally, however doctors had predicted that he would suffer from left side hemiplegia later on.

Around 5 or 6 years later, as predicted by the doctors, his left had was gradually weakened and started to tremble, it became so serious that he could not longer drive. After checkup, he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

In Mid September 2007, he visited China with his family to see his relatives. He was not able to walk through the entire journey smoothly.

  • Feet as heavy as iron rocks
  • Very difficult in taking even a small step
One month later, after getting information of Nefful negative ion health clothing, he immediately bought the underwear and socks and started wearing. Within 3 days, his feet which used to be as heavy as iron rocks and very difficult in taking even a small step, were started to walk step by step without dragging his feet. What has happened made him felt more confident in Nefful's negative ion clothing and decided to use the Complete set.

In July 2008, he visited the Ali Mountain in Taiwan,  together with his wife and brother-in-law, after seeing the magnificent sunrise, they walked along the trail for almost 4 hours, he found his knees were injured and almost not able to walk again. After returning to the hostel, he immediately put on the knee supporters and went to sleep. The very next day, he was able to walk again and visited several tourist attractions. What amazed him most was how he could climb the stairs up all the way up to Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall without any break to rest.

In the beginning of 2009, his 93 year old mother carelessly fell to the floor which led to split spine, which resulted in her not able to move. And after putting on the Nefful eskimode clothing and blanket for a short period of one month, she could move freely without help from others.

Mr Teo Boon Poy is really Thankful to the company for providing the high-tech products like Nefful negative ion clothing which help his family and himself improve both their health and quality of life.

Please click on the attached file to read his sharing in Chinese.

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