Monday, May 7, 2012

Get Well from Mild Stroke

Do you know anybody who had mild stroke?
Do you know anybody who was not able to urine because of kidney failure?

So What are the symptoms of Stroke?

A Stroke occurs when part of the brain is damaged due to lack of blood supply, and in minor Strokes, the damage occurs only at a small portion of the brain. And the Symptoms?

A person with mild Stroke will experience the following

  • Weakness or numbness of one side of the body
  • Slurred speech, difficulty in speaking
  • Lost of vision, experiencing double vision
  • Unsteadiness in walking, uncoordinated movements
  • Giddiness combined with one of the above symptoms
  • Headaches
  • Loss of consciousness, coma
Let me share the story of Lin Hao Nan, 5 years ago she was introduced to Nefful's negative ion clothing, but she rejected to accept this information despite the continuous sharing every few months from her introducer.

Not until last year September 2011, she was diagnosed with Mild Stroke due to overwork, work pressure, etc, that caused half side of her body to feel weak and numbness. It got worsen and her body became harden and these cause difficulty in her mobility, slowly it affected her speech capability as well. This of cause affected her livelihood being a photographer.

Her family members urged her to seek medical help before the other side of the body starts to feel numbness too.

As she has difficulties in doing the following.

  • Moving her head
  • Lifting up her arm
  • Lifting up her leg

 (hear her testimony in Chinese)

She would not want to go to the hospital because she had seen one of her friend who had mild stroke hospitalised for 3 months. And when her friend was discharged from the hospital, the arm and legs does not seem to belong to her friend at all, even a pen so light, her friend was not able to pick it up and hold it.

She told herself that she's a photographer and she rely on her body, her hands, her legs to make a living. If she was to be hospitalised and discharged like her friend, than there is no more meaning to her life. "Further more the medical expense these days is so high, we are living in an era where we can die but not to get sick." How could she afford the medical expense if she were to be hospitalised for 3 months, she would have no income to pay for the medical expense.

Suddenly she remembered her the person who had been sharing about Nefful's negative ion clothing for the past 5 years, and decided to give him a call and ordered the full set and immediately started to wear the full set.

After the 2nd day of wearing the full set of Nefful's negative ion clothing, she woke up to find herself able to move her head. However she still did not believe it as she felt that it was just coincident as it is impossible.

On the 3rd & 4th day, she was able to lift up her arm, she was very excited and yet still did not believe as she still felt that it is impossible.

On the 5th day, she was able to lift up her leg. More than 2 years ago, she had already developed difficulty lifting up her leg due to the injury on her back and leg from years of mountain climbing with her heavy camera equipment. That day when she was able to lift up her leg, she was very excited but still she felt that it was impossible.

Then on the 7th day, she finally believed.


6 years ago, because of a common cold, she went to see a doctor and was prescribed with a medicine. Unknowing to her, the medicine that her doctor prescribed to her caused a severe allergy to her. The side effect resulted in her not able to breathe through her nose. She had to relied on her mouth to breathe. Imagine she has to do this for the last 6 years. These past 6 years she was living in a nightmare, she prayed every night that she will live another day as she worried that she would die the next morning because of suffocation.

She once asked the doctor who had prescribed the medicine to her, instead the doctor replied that she had allergies to the medicine thus had cause the side effect. And the only way was to operate on the nose. She was so angry that time and said to the doctor, "because I believe in your medical knowledge and I took the medicine you had prescribed to me, but you did not tell me the as your patient regarding the side effect of the medicine, and if I am willing to take the risk. And now you want to operate on me and expect me to pay for all this operation expenses?"

Do seek 2nd or even 3rd opinion from different doctors that you trust before making any decision on surgery operations. -- J Sanada Soo

On the 7th day of wearing the full set of Nefful's negative ion clothing, she was able to breathe through her nose again for the first time in her life after 6 years of agony. She was so excited of her improvement and the first person who would also benefit from Nefful's negative ion clothing was her sister.
The story of Lin Hao Nan's sister....
...14 years ago, Lin Hao Nan's sister was pregnant with a child, somehow the baby in her womb was pressing on her kidney and caused her kidney to deteriorate, her body began to swell because of this.
She went to see the doctor and to her surprised, the doctor told her that she only have 2 choices, either "you abort your baby or you have kidney dialysis for the rest of your life."
Being a mother, she chosed to have the baby and that resulted in her gone through kidney dialysis for the past 14 years. Because of the dialysis, her face became dark, and her hand became so dry like dried branches. She told Lin Hao Nan that she was not afraid of the needle pain or even the feeling of fire burning during the 4 hours of kidney dialysis, but she hated most was not able to drink water like normal people does, because these past 14 years she had no urine.
After 5 days of wearing the full set of Nefful's negative ion clothing, she called up Lin Hao Nan and excitedly shared that she can pass urine for the first time in her life after 14 years.
Lin Hao Nan was very excited and happy that her sister can finally pass urine after wearing Nefful's negative ion clothing. At the same time she felt very sad that she had been a wall for the past 5 years, rejecting to the sharing of her introducer on the benefit of Nefful's negative ion clothing and prevented herself and her family members from benefiting the use of Nefful's negative ion clothing.
She is very blessed that her sister still has the chance to use Nefful's negative ion clothing. She told herself that she must share this with everybody she knows. "If life is like a flame in the candle, it not only provide light to myself but we must share the flame to light up more candle so that the light will brighten up more place and further."
I Sanada Soo has been sharing my personal experiences and others' experiences via my blog, I will continue to post more testimonies so that more people will benefit from reading this blog, even when I pass away in years to come, maybe this blog will still remind and continue to be read my generations to come. I invite the possibility that you would contact me if you would like to find out more or interested to have a tea with me. Do feel free to contact me @ +65 9011 8620.