Saturday, January 21, 2012

It is a blessing to simply believe

Do you know anyone who has a weak body and had period that lasted nearly 6 months?

Do you know anyone who feel dizzy when standing up from a sitting or resting position?

Do you know anyone who have stiffen shoulder and back that resulted not able to raise their arms to do many daily simple things like button the shirt, etc...?

Well please allow Zhi Cui-Ping to share with you her experience by clicking on the image below.

What are the pain that she had been enduring?

  • easily contracting coughs and flu
  • period that lasted nearly 6 months
  • dizziness
  • left shoulder stiffness resulted in not able to raise the arm
  • back stiffness
  • minor stroke due to high blood pressure
  • lips slant slightly to the left
  • aging quicker
  • complexion became worse
  • felt lethargic all the time

She had undergone operations and her health still continue to deteriorate. Then in July 2010, she invested a Full set and within 3 weeks of using the full set of Nefful negative ion clothing, she is able to lift up her arm again and most importantly her lips that was slanted to the left has normalised. Not only that her husband who suffered from diabetes for 13 years had since significant improvement after wearing the full set of Nefful negative ion clothing.

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Wishing you a Wonderful Chinese New Year. May you be well and healthy always. 

Negative ions clothing allows me Embrace a Healthier lifestyle.

Do you know anyone who has aching shoulder pain that he or she has resort to painkillers to numb the pain but to no avail?

Do you know anyone who has been diagnosed with ureter stones and suffers excruciating pain in the lower back and abdomen?

Well, please allow Fong Su-Yin to share more about her testimony with you, click on the below image to read more about it.

What is the pain from Aching Shoulders?
  • sharp pain
  • cannot lift up your arm
  • numbness due to taking painkillers

What is the pain from ureter stones?
  • excruciating pain in lower back
  • excruciating pain in abdomen
  • tinnitus due to taking painkillers for a prolong period of time
  • difficulty & pain when reliving herself

Initially she was skeptical but after wearing the Nefful negative ion clothing for 3 months, her condition improved tremendously. Her kidney no longer swell, no pain was experienced when she urinate and she could walk effortlessly once more.

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