Friday, November 23, 2012

Are you wearing clothing that is harmful to your body and the environment?

Are you wearing clothing that is deemed safe for your love one?

In an article I found in MY PAPER dated Friday November 23 2012 shares about some of the high streets brand clothing are contaminated with nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs), a chemical that could easily be released into the environment and cause harm to the human reproductive system.

Are you aware of this and are you wearing such clothing? Click on the picture to read the full picture.

This is one of the reason why I choose to wear Nefful's minus ion healthy clothing.

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Make an impact to people's life.

Do you know anyone who have chronic skin allergy for the past 30 years?
Do you know someone who wanted to change people's life by being a teacher?

The following sharing is by a very smart and brilliant person who had worked for MOE for over 10 years before coming out to start her own Educational business. She is also the author of 2 textbooks used in Singapore schools. She has a successful Education Business, yet she came into Nefful full time after her health improved. Watch her own testimonial sharing and know what changed her life and now she is determined to Change other people's life in a more impact-full way.

So what is her worst health issue that she had to face every single day of her life?

At the worst stage of her skin problem for the past 30 years, she had lesion on her body and her rashes wounds would be bleeding every single day, this wounds just would not close up. For 6-8 months there were no skins on her hands, and she had to wrap her hands with bandage like burned victims. She had gone to all the skin doctors, tried all the remedy but nothing works for her.

Until she was introduced to Nefful anion clothing last Feb 2011, and she started to wear the full set of Nefful anion clothing. After 6-8 months she noticed that her patches of rashes wounds began to dry up and close up the wounds. Now she does not need to bandage her hands like a burned victim.

To her surprise, her other health problems had improved greatly, like;
  • Bronchitis (Asthma, cough and flu)
  • Period pain monthly
  • 6 years of insomnia
  • Chronic low blood pressure
  • Frequent migraine
  • Water retention in the leg causing leg pain
  • Severe joint problem from past sports injuries. (Ankle, knee, shoulder)

What has changed her life? Click on the above video to find out more.

I invite the possibility that we meet up so that I can share with you more about the benefit of Nefful anion clothing and how Nefful anion clothing can help you and your love ones. Call me + 9011 8620.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Get to share my testimony is a blessing!

Having to take care of someone in the family with health challenges is very tiring as I read all these testimony I began to understand that the whole family suffers too. I am glad I made my mom wear it when her knee pain was just beginning more than than 4 years ago, when she was complaining about her pain for almost 1 year and I could not do not do anything about it. I am glad she she is continuing to wear the nefful clothing I got for her, now she can go out with friends and grand children, come back home to tell me stories instead of complaining about her knee pain. Thank you Nefful for producing such wonderful products.

The next testimony I am about to share is from Zhang Zhu-Jun, her mom had suffered from a stroke and resulted in having left sided hemiplegia over 5 years ago. After more than a year of rehabilitation, her mom got sepsis by kidney stones purulent. During the process of resuscitation, the cardiac stimulant had caused her distal extremities severe hypoxia and necrosis; she was forced to have amputation to avoid the problem of repeated bacterial infections of necrotic tissue.

Over the years, her mom had been under medication control for high blood pressure and poor kidney function. About a year ago, he mom started to do peritoneal dialysis to replace her renal function. However the peritoneal dialysis has not only trouble her already inconvenient life, it also caused her body with phosphorus and potassium imbalance, high cholesterol and low albumin. Thus additional medication was required for the treatment.

Furthermore, her mom had problems of nausea, eye irritation, tears, and snoring loudly. Having checked with cardiologist and ophthalmologists, but they could not find anything abnormal.

After being introduced to Nefful negative ion clothing in early December last year, a full set was purchased for her mom, and after using the full set for about 3 months, her mom's nausea has significantly reduced. She is no longer complaining about her eye irritation. Her blood test reading is back to normal, and there is no need for further medication. This is the best news for her mom as she is terrified of taking medicines. Her mom's problem of snoring and sleeping disorder had improved, now she feels so much better during the daytime.

This product also helped Zhang Zhu-Jun improved her long-term problem of nasal allergy and annoying facial seborrhea dermatitis.

Do click on the below testimony to read more and also available in Chinese.

I invent the possibility that you would contact me to understand more about this wonderful product. Have a wonderful week.  

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Products have enriched my life after retirement!

Do you know someone who is a retired school principal?
Do you know someone who is also had stroke?
And at the same time diagnosed with Parkinson's disease?

The following sharing actually happened to Mr Teo Boon Poy, he is a retired principal of a Chinese primary school in Malaysia. Unfortunately he had stroke one month before the retirement in year of 2000. Luckily for him, his body functioned normally, however doctors had predicted that he would suffer from left side hemiplegia later on.

Around 5 or 6 years later, as predicted by the doctors, his left had was gradually weakened and started to tremble, it became so serious that he could not longer drive. After checkup, he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

In Mid September 2007, he visited China with his family to see his relatives. He was not able to walk through the entire journey smoothly.

  • Feet as heavy as iron rocks
  • Very difficult in taking even a small step
One month later, after getting information of Nefful negative ion health clothing, he immediately bought the underwear and socks and started wearing. Within 3 days, his feet which used to be as heavy as iron rocks and very difficult in taking even a small step, were started to walk step by step without dragging his feet. What has happened made him felt more confident in Nefful's negative ion clothing and decided to use the Complete set.

In July 2008, he visited the Ali Mountain in Taiwan,  together with his wife and brother-in-law, after seeing the magnificent sunrise, they walked along the trail for almost 4 hours, he found his knees were injured and almost not able to walk again. After returning to the hostel, he immediately put on the knee supporters and went to sleep. The very next day, he was able to walk again and visited several tourist attractions. What amazed him most was how he could climb the stairs up all the way up to Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall without any break to rest.

In the beginning of 2009, his 93 year old mother carelessly fell to the floor which led to split spine, which resulted in her not able to move. And after putting on the Nefful eskimode clothing and blanket for a short period of one month, she could move freely without help from others.

Mr Teo Boon Poy is really Thankful to the company for providing the high-tech products like Nefful negative ion clothing which help his family and himself improve both their health and quality of life.

Please click on the attached file to read his sharing in Chinese.

Please feel free to contact me to get more information, I am more that happy to share more information with you and share how Nefful negative ions clothing can help you and your love ones.
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Thursday, June 7, 2012

What is my Full Set of Nefful teviron clothing?

Many times I have mentioned about wearing full set of Nefful clothing in many of my blog and many of my friends and visitors to my blog had asked me what is full set of Nefful clothing. So what exactly is a full set of Nefful clothing? This series, I will share with you my full set, next time I will share with you the full set of Nefful clothing that my mom is using.

For me, my full set consist of the followings Night Use & Day Use;

Night Use
In my Bedroom
1. Nefful bed sheet (HS11W-Queen size)
2. Nefful pillow case (HS06)
3. Nefful blanket (HS44W-Queen size)
(SM11) (2100)
4. Nefful sleepwear Long sleeve Eskimode (2100)
I have another set of Long sleeve sleepwear SM11.
(SM13) (2104)
5. Nefful sleepwear Long pants Ekimode (2104)
I have another set of Long pants sleepwear SM13
6. Nefful sleepwear underwear (CA19)
I wear this underwear inside my Long pants.

7. Nefful black classic glove (1462)
I wear this to sleep, cause I used to have spring fingers where it will get stuck in a cramped position. I do not have them now.

8. Nefful neck warmer(1729)
I wear this whenever I feel that a cough or flu is coming, after wearing to sleep, the next day I feel well again.

9. Nefful Teviron knit hat(2451)
I wear the Nefful knit hat to sleep, it helps to keep my head warm, the best thing that I noticed is my hair is darker, more shinning and full too.

Day Use
The following Nefful Teviron clothing is being used by me on a daily basis, I will wear and wash them daily, in the next blog, I will share on how I keep them clean and well maintained until now which is more than 2 years 8 months since I first started wearing Nefful Teviron clothing full set. (As of this writing in Oct 2011)

1. Nefful long sleeve undershirt (CA11)
I have 4 Nefful long sleeve undershirt so that I can wash and wear it everyday.
2. Nefful men's briefs (CA15)
I have 5 Nefful men's briefs so that I can wear a clean underwear everyday, I wash it everyday too.
3. Nefful long pants (CA13)
I have 4 Nefful long pants so that I can wash and wear it everyday.

4. Nefful short sleeve undershirt (CA12)
I have 4 Nefful short sleeve undershirt for my daily exercise wearing under a normal t-shirt so that my body remains dry when I perspires, I wash it everyday too.

5. Nefful long socks (TL52)
I have 3 pairs of this which I wash and wear everyday. Keeps my feet dry and comfortable through out the whole day.

6. Nefful comfortable socks (1471)
I have 2 pairs of this which I wear for exercise or during the weekend. Very comfortable.

7. Nefful wrist band (1720)
I have 2 pairs of blue, 1 pair of black, 2 pairs of ivory, 1 pair of gray
I wear this everyday, when I work and play. Keeps my wrist warm and flexible.

I invent the possibility of sharing other information with you. I am glad to share with you, just contact me +65 9011 8620 or my Business partner Karen +65 9875 2022 for more information.

How to take good care of your Nefful teviron negative ion clothing

It has been more than 3 years since I first started wearing the full set of Nefful clothing in March 2009. Many of my friends and customers had asked me how did I maintain my Nefful clothing, and still able to wear it 24hours a day for the past 3 years. Previously I shared about my full set of Nefful clothing that I have. Below is my secret that I am going to share with you in more detail, which I always share with my friend and customers.

Effectiveness of wearing Nefful clothing
1. Wear 24hours daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. (constantly wear it day & night)
2. Change a fresh set frequently. (cover your body as much as possible)
3. Wear more whenever possible. (close contact to your skin)

What do I use to clean these wonderful negative ions attracting Nefful clothing?
1. Washing Laundry Nets
As you can see I have 5 different laundry nets, each for different category of clothing. I would separate the dark from the light so that the white will remain white or even more white than before. When I wash I would separately wash them too. Especially when all my socks are dark coloured so I washed them separately.

2. Detergents
I use the Nefful Natural Detergent as its made from natural ingredient and it environmentally friendly.

3. Washing Machine (I am using a load washing machine, however when I was in UK for 2 months, I was washing my Nefful clothing daily with a Front load washing machine, after observing it for 2 months I think front load save more water : ))
The most important thing about cleaning the Nefful clothing is using the Washing laundry net in the washing machine to protect the clothing.

Why do I use the washing machine instead of hand wash? There are a number reasons are:
a. using hand wash will dry our hands due to the detergent, it may even affect our skins if detergent is not wash off our hands properly.
b. using hand wash will damage the fabric when the fabric is twisted to rinse off the water. Especially when I applied too much strength.
c. using hand wash actually waste more water, sometimes the rinse is not enough to remove the detergent from the clothing.
d. I have too many Nefful clothing to wash daily, so washing machine is my best option and it is cleaner and makes them fresh and dry quicker indoor.

Thus I urge you to consider using washing machine to wash your Nefful clothing, please remember to use the washing laundry net.

If you have any questions on cleaning your Nefful clothing, please feel free to contact me, I am more than happy to share with you my experience. +65 90118620 or email me @

With that I am going to leave you some other tips on washing your clothes from an article i read on Yahoo website. Enjoy.

The average family spends just under $2,000 per year on clothes. Considering that the average household throws away around 68 pounds of clothes and textiles each year, one of the easiest ways to save money on clothes is to not have to buy new clothes on a regular basis. But how can you make sure your clothes last as long as possible? Here are eight ways to make your clothes last longer.

Launder Smart
Always separate your colors when you wash and be sure to use cold water. Air-dry delicate clothing items and use mesh bags to protect your delicate in the wash. Make sure all your jackets and jeans are zipped prior to throwing them in the wash and be sure to fasten your bras so the hooks don't catch on anything. Also, try to launder less by taking advantage of lint rollers and spot removing pens.
Store Clothes Appropriately
After you do your laundry, make sure you put your clothes away properly. This means fold the clothes that are meant to be folded and hang the clothes that are meant to be hung. Also, when dealing with seasonal clothes, be sure to store clothes in a manner that doesn't allow bugs or moisture to wreak havoc on them.
Attack Stains Immediately
Don't let stains sit. The longer they sit, the harder it is to get them out. Also, blot stains as opposed to rubbing them. Rubbing stains will destroy the fibers in your clothes, making it so the clothes don't last as long.
Dress Accordingly
If you are going for a run, wear running clothes. If you are cleaning or working outside, wear clothes that are old and you can get dirty. Dress according to the situation you will be in.
Beware of Colors
If you are going to eat a potentially messy meal or know you are klutzy and consequently have a high chance of spilling your morning coffee all over your pants, opt for clothes that are darker in color or match the color of the potential spill. Dark colors are great at hiding stains.
Hang onto Buttons
Have a jar in your house specifically for the buttons that come with your clothes. That way, if your favorite sweater or blouse loses a button, you can easily fix the problem instead of retiring that item of clothing
Fix Quickly
If an article of clothing gets a hole or the hem starts to come undone, fix it immediately before the problem gets worse. By immediately fixing any issues with your clothes, they will last longer.
Be Smart About Clothes and Product Use
Watch Out for "Damagers"
Be careful around any objects that may cause damage to your clothes. These can include plants with thorns, exposed nails, and other surfaces that are rough or may snag your clothes. Try to steer clear of these potential "damagers" so that they don't wreak havoc on your clothes.
Read the Instructions
Different fabrics and materials need different types of care. Always read the washing and care instructions on your clothes so you know how to best clean and iron them. If you purchased clothing online, make sure to bookmark the product page so you can return later to read the care instructions.
Use Scissors to Remove Tags
Most of the time it's easier and faster to just rip the tags off new clothes. This strategy is not always a good one when it comes to maintaining the lifespan of your clothes. Take the time to find a pair of scissors when removing the price tags (and any other tags) off your clothes.
Ashley Jacobs is a college finance columnist for personal finance blog Wise Bread. Follow her latest tweets on @WiseBread.

An old story of a turtle and a fish

There is an old story of a turtle and a fish. the turtle lives on land as well as in the water while the fish only lives in the water. One day, when the turtle had returned from a visit to the land, he told the fish of his experiences. he explained that creatures living on land walked on solid ground. However, the fish could not imagine a place where other fish did not live and where ceeatures walked rather than swam. He refused to believe that dry land really existed because that was something beyond his own experience. In the same way. people may not have experienced the benefit of negative ions, but it does not mean that the benefit of negative ion is not possible.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Get Well from Mild Stroke

Do you know anybody who had mild stroke?
Do you know anybody who was not able to urine because of kidney failure?

So What are the symptoms of Stroke?

A Stroke occurs when part of the brain is damaged due to lack of blood supply, and in minor Strokes, the damage occurs only at a small portion of the brain. And the Symptoms?

A person with mild Stroke will experience the following

  • Weakness or numbness of one side of the body
  • Slurred speech, difficulty in speaking
  • Lost of vision, experiencing double vision
  • Unsteadiness in walking, uncoordinated movements
  • Giddiness combined with one of the above symptoms
  • Headaches
  • Loss of consciousness, coma
Let me share the story of Lin Hao Nan, 5 years ago she was introduced to Nefful's negative ion clothing, but she rejected to accept this information despite the continuous sharing every few months from her introducer.

Not until last year September 2011, she was diagnosed with Mild Stroke due to overwork, work pressure, etc, that caused half side of her body to feel weak and numbness. It got worsen and her body became harden and these cause difficulty in her mobility, slowly it affected her speech capability as well. This of cause affected her livelihood being a photographer.

Her family members urged her to seek medical help before the other side of the body starts to feel numbness too.

As she has difficulties in doing the following.

  • Moving her head
  • Lifting up her arm
  • Lifting up her leg

 (hear her testimony in Chinese)

She would not want to go to the hospital because she had seen one of her friend who had mild stroke hospitalised for 3 months. And when her friend was discharged from the hospital, the arm and legs does not seem to belong to her friend at all, even a pen so light, her friend was not able to pick it up and hold it.

She told herself that she's a photographer and she rely on her body, her hands, her legs to make a living. If she was to be hospitalised and discharged like her friend, than there is no more meaning to her life. "Further more the medical expense these days is so high, we are living in an era where we can die but not to get sick." How could she afford the medical expense if she were to be hospitalised for 3 months, she would have no income to pay for the medical expense.

Suddenly she remembered her the person who had been sharing about Nefful's negative ion clothing for the past 5 years, and decided to give him a call and ordered the full set and immediately started to wear the full set.

After the 2nd day of wearing the full set of Nefful's negative ion clothing, she woke up to find herself able to move her head. However she still did not believe it as she felt that it was just coincident as it is impossible.

On the 3rd & 4th day, she was able to lift up her arm, she was very excited and yet still did not believe as she still felt that it is impossible.

On the 5th day, she was able to lift up her leg. More than 2 years ago, she had already developed difficulty lifting up her leg due to the injury on her back and leg from years of mountain climbing with her heavy camera equipment. That day when she was able to lift up her leg, she was very excited but still she felt that it was impossible.

Then on the 7th day, she finally believed.


6 years ago, because of a common cold, she went to see a doctor and was prescribed with a medicine. Unknowing to her, the medicine that her doctor prescribed to her caused a severe allergy to her. The side effect resulted in her not able to breathe through her nose. She had to relied on her mouth to breathe. Imagine she has to do this for the last 6 years. These past 6 years she was living in a nightmare, she prayed every night that she will live another day as she worried that she would die the next morning because of suffocation.

She once asked the doctor who had prescribed the medicine to her, instead the doctor replied that she had allergies to the medicine thus had cause the side effect. And the only way was to operate on the nose. She was so angry that time and said to the doctor, "because I believe in your medical knowledge and I took the medicine you had prescribed to me, but you did not tell me the as your patient regarding the side effect of the medicine, and if I am willing to take the risk. And now you want to operate on me and expect me to pay for all this operation expenses?"

Do seek 2nd or even 3rd opinion from different doctors that you trust before making any decision on surgery operations. -- J Sanada Soo

On the 7th day of wearing the full set of Nefful's negative ion clothing, she was able to breathe through her nose again for the first time in her life after 6 years of agony. She was so excited of her improvement and the first person who would also benefit from Nefful's negative ion clothing was her sister.
The story of Lin Hao Nan's sister....
...14 years ago, Lin Hao Nan's sister was pregnant with a child, somehow the baby in her womb was pressing on her kidney and caused her kidney to deteriorate, her body began to swell because of this.
She went to see the doctor and to her surprised, the doctor told her that she only have 2 choices, either "you abort your baby or you have kidney dialysis for the rest of your life."
Being a mother, she chosed to have the baby and that resulted in her gone through kidney dialysis for the past 14 years. Because of the dialysis, her face became dark, and her hand became so dry like dried branches. She told Lin Hao Nan that she was not afraid of the needle pain or even the feeling of fire burning during the 4 hours of kidney dialysis, but she hated most was not able to drink water like normal people does, because these past 14 years she had no urine.
After 5 days of wearing the full set of Nefful's negative ion clothing, she called up Lin Hao Nan and excitedly shared that she can pass urine for the first time in her life after 14 years.
Lin Hao Nan was very excited and happy that her sister can finally pass urine after wearing Nefful's negative ion clothing. At the same time she felt very sad that she had been a wall for the past 5 years, rejecting to the sharing of her introducer on the benefit of Nefful's negative ion clothing and prevented herself and her family members from benefiting the use of Nefful's negative ion clothing.
She is very blessed that her sister still has the chance to use Nefful's negative ion clothing. She told herself that she must share this with everybody she knows. "If life is like a flame in the candle, it not only provide light to myself but we must share the flame to light up more candle so that the light will brighten up more place and further."
I Sanada Soo has been sharing my personal experiences and others' experiences via my blog, I will continue to post more testimonies so that more people will benefit from reading this blog, even when I pass away in years to come, maybe this blog will still remind and continue to be read my generations to come. I invite the possibility that you would contact me if you would like to find out more or interested to have a tea with me. Do feel free to contact me @ +65 9011 8620.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

I would like to thank Negative Ion, my family's mute doctor.

Do you know anyone who had measuring scale 3 on the Glasgow Coma Scale?
Do you know anyone who had to sign the "Critically ill Notice Form" 3 times for their family member?
Do you know anyone who are suffering from ArterioVenous Malformation (AVM)?

Do allow Liao Yi-Ling to share her own experience with you, her mom was diagnosed with arteriovenous malformation (AVM) combined with venous angioma which is another form of malformation. It was a very rare condition which caused her mom to be in a very severe danger as the malformation is located very close to the brain stem. 

Many various renowned medical doctors from various medical centers offered the same opinion that it was very hard to perform surgery. The doctors could only monitor her mom's vital signs in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The doctors even told her that her mom may not survive one month and 95% chance that she would be in vegetative status for the rest of her life, it would take a miracle for her mom to even wake up.

So What are the possible symptoms: 

When that happened to a family, everyone was heart-broken. All the happiness that we had taken for granted will be gone. 

Being grateful for knowing and using Nefful negative ion clothing for her mom felt into such condition, Liao Yi-Ling persisted on using Nefful negative ion clothing in ICU for her mom. After wearing for 18 days in the ICU, her mom opened her eyes. Her coma scale improved to scale 8. 

One month later, her mom's vital signs were stable and she was transferred from ICU to general ward. Her mom stayed in the general ward for another 3.5 months and during this period, all the tubes on her body were gradually removed, including;

  • Foley's catheter
  • Nasogastric tube
  • Tracheotomy tube
  • and many Intravenous Catheters
Her mom started rehabilitation therapy, on September 10, 2011, her mom was discharged from the hospital from the time her mom was hospitalized on May 24, 2011. 

Now her mom could eat by herself, walk 200 to 300 meters with the help of a walker.  

Do click on the picture below to read about her own sharing of using Nefful negative ion clothing. 

Please feel free to call me at +65 9011 8620 to find out more about Nefful negative ion clothing and it's benefit to our health.

Wishing you a Beautiful day.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

It is a blessing to simply believe

Do you know anyone who has a weak body and had period that lasted nearly 6 months?

Do you know anyone who feel dizzy when standing up from a sitting or resting position?

Do you know anyone who have stiffen shoulder and back that resulted not able to raise their arms to do many daily simple things like button the shirt, etc...?

Well please allow Zhi Cui-Ping to share with you her experience by clicking on the image below.

What are the pain that she had been enduring?

  • easily contracting coughs and flu
  • period that lasted nearly 6 months
  • dizziness
  • left shoulder stiffness resulted in not able to raise the arm
  • back stiffness
  • minor stroke due to high blood pressure
  • lips slant slightly to the left
  • aging quicker
  • complexion became worse
  • felt lethargic all the time

She had undergone operations and her health still continue to deteriorate. Then in July 2010, she invested a Full set and within 3 weeks of using the full set of Nefful negative ion clothing, she is able to lift up her arm again and most importantly her lips that was slanted to the left has normalised. Not only that her husband who suffered from diabetes for 13 years had since significant improvement after wearing the full set of Nefful negative ion clothing.

Want to know more? Please feel free to contact me via my mobile +65 9011 8620 or email

Wishing you a Wonderful Chinese New Year. May you be well and healthy always. 

Negative ions clothing allows me Embrace a Healthier lifestyle.

Do you know anyone who has aching shoulder pain that he or she has resort to painkillers to numb the pain but to no avail?

Do you know anyone who has been diagnosed with ureter stones and suffers excruciating pain in the lower back and abdomen?

Well, please allow Fong Su-Yin to share more about her testimony with you, click on the below image to read more about it.

What is the pain from Aching Shoulders?
  • sharp pain
  • cannot lift up your arm
  • numbness due to taking painkillers

What is the pain from ureter stones?
  • excruciating pain in lower back
  • excruciating pain in abdomen
  • tinnitus due to taking painkillers for a prolong period of time
  • difficulty & pain when reliving herself

Initially she was skeptical but after wearing the Nefful negative ion clothing for 3 months, her condition improved tremendously. Her kidney no longer swell, no pain was experienced when she urinate and she could walk effortlessly once more.

Want to know more, please feel free to contact me for more information. My contact number is +659011 8620.