Thursday, December 8, 2011

These are things I dare not think of doing after being sick, but it really has happened.


Do you know anyone who has kidney failure whom the doctor will say it is very critical, you need to....?
Do you know anyone whose health condition worsen after having gone through kidney dialysis?
Do you know anyone who had leg inflammation that was due to kidney stop functioning properly?
Below is a testimonial of Guo Wei-Tin, let him share his testimony with you.

Guo Wei-Tin is a businessman, while on a business trip to China in 2009, his right leg had an inflammation and  admitted to hospital immediately, after taking the prescribed medication and injection for over 1 month, the inflammation did not subside, instead the condition got worsen and was rush back to Taiwan for emergency checkup by specialist.

The specialist doctor advised Guo Wei-Tin that he had serious kidney failure because his creatinine index is above 26, in a normal person the creatinine index should be below 1.4 which means his is 20 times more than a normal person. This indicate that his kidney is failing. He was immediately sent for dialysis.

What are the side effects after having a kidney dialysis?
- Cardiac arrhythmia
- Body become weaker
- Heart beat becomes irregular
- Mood turns very low, easily becomes unhappy
- Going to the hospital in and out all day long

In 2010 Guo Wei-Tin was introduced to Nefful Negative ions clothing, however he believed otherwise. 1 year had passed and his condition was deteriorating

After his cardiac ablation surgery in April 2011, Guo Wei-Tin decided to invest on himself for the love of his children and family. He bought the full set of negative ions clothing. And he observed the followings after wearing the full set of Nefful negative ions clothing.

1. Back and waist pain improvement
2. Black tarry stools discharged
3. Blackheads and spots on his face fading
4. Side effects of the dialysis disappeared
5. Creatinine index is reducing to normal

Read the full detail about his testimony by click on the below image. If you need more information, please feel free to contact me @ +65 9011 8620 or my Business partner Karen Cheong @ +65 9875 2022.

Wishing you a wonderful day.

For more information about what is creatinine index and why it is important to have this checkup? Visit the  website related to health.  

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