Sunday, November 13, 2011

From being skeptical to be fond of negative ions clothing

Do you know of anyone who suddenly collapsed because of brain stroke? Do you know anyone whom the doctors had given up hope on? Do you know that our parents will not share their sickness with their children because they do not want their children to worry about them?

I realised this after my mom had noticeable improvement to her health condition that she shared with me when we talk about nefful negative ions clothing, this would not have happened if I did not force upon my parents to wear the full set of Nefful clothing since March 2009. Looking back I am glad that I did what I did.

Below is a sharing by Zhou Jun Ru, he is a professional with a background in medicinal chemistry, and he witnessed how his future mother in law had suddenly collapsed due to brain stroke and to a point where the doctors had given up hope in her future mother in law in June 2008, and how he witnessed another thing that made him wonder harder when his future mother in law had a speedy recovery by using the full sets of negative ions clothing when the doctors had given up hope on.

Then he immediately thought of his own mother after learning more about Nefful's negative ions clothing, he bought the full sets for his parents. Read the attached testimony from him to find out more about how her mom gave her testimony of the following pains that she was enduring all these years.

  • knee pain
  • Cannot squat 
  • Back pain 
  • Cannot lift up the hand high in the air
  • heavy body
  • spots on the face

Last I would like to leave you with a note from Zhou Jun Run......"Sometimes parents do not want to worry us by telling us their physical problems; actually I am so grateful that I have given myself and my family a chance to use the products. After getting enough confidence, we started to share massively with friends. I really appreciate this business, because it gives our entire family more common topics to talk about and same goals to strive for."

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