Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Drinking too much Coke can cause Arthritis.

Do you enjoy drinking coke everyday instead of water? Do you know someone who only drink coke? Do you know what is the side effect of drinking too much coke? 

Many years ago, Miss Lee used to work in Nan Yang Xiang Bao (南洋商报)newspaper, as a photo journalist. Due to her work nature, she pick up drinking coca cola (coke) every day. Instead of drinking 8 cups of water, she drank 8 cans of coke.

As times goes by, Arthritis developed in her body, eventually she could not even climb the staircase as each single steps cause great pain to her. This affected her work as she needs to move around, travel here and there for her work. She had seek the help of Doctors, however she was told by the doctor that such kind of sickness cannot be cured and the only thing the Doctor offered was pain killers to be consumed daily. In the end she got no other choice but to quit her job as she can no long perform her job without causing so much pain to herself.

Her grandma used to have Arthritis, the condition was so bad that she was not able to kneel down or even bend her fingers. Her grandma was introduced to Nefful clothing and she patiently wears the full set of Nefful clothing, in just a short period of 2 months, Miss Lee noticed that her grandma began to walk and eventually took a tour to Great Wall of China.

Thinking that if this works for her grandma, Miss Lee decided to invest the full set of Nefful clothing herself. Look at her photo now, she is now well and pain-free from Arthritis.

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