Monday, July 25, 2011

The Negative Ion clothing keeps me alive.

Do you know anyone close to you that is suffering from second stage breast cancer? Do you know how much pain and agony that had to go through each day? 

Below is the testimonial of Cai Liyue, click on the photo below to read about her sharing and how she manage to overcome her pain and agony as summarized below.

  • Felt lost and helpless
  • stinging pain
  • falling of hair
  • vomiting

After wearing the full set of Nefful's negative ion clothing, she saw the following sign of improvements to her body, thick yellowish vaginal discharge on the panties, no discomfort during treatment and chemotherapy, no vomiting nor rejection of medication during treatment and chemotherapy. Because of wearing the full set of Nefful's negative ion clothing day and night during the period of treatment, she was well enough to drive by herself, do the house work and even take care of herself. Her hair even grew back fast, shiny, black and soft. 
She is very thankful of Nefful's negative ion clothing that she is willing to share her experience with everyone.

Please share this with people that you care and love, who had lost hope in life, let them know that there is still hope for a normal and better future. Please feel free to contact me or my business partner Karen should you need more information. Her contact number is +65 98752022 or mine is +65 9011 8620, so send an email to me at for more information. Have a beautiful day. 

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