Wednesday, June 1, 2011

More about Uncle Tony and his "DISCHARGED" on his diabetic medical card.

Do you know anyone who takes 45mins to walk to the lift which is on the same floor? Beside his own stroke problem, his kidney failure problem, his diabetic problem, he still have to take care of his wife who suffered from a heavy stroke in 2007 which is severe and she can only lay on bed all day all night. Uncle tony has been suffering from his stroke 6 years ago. He was introduced to Nefful negative ion clothing 3 years ago which he decided to wear the full set and recently his conditions has improved greatly that he has come up to share about his testimonials. 

Summary of his health challenges as explained in his own video testimonial
  • Over 20 years history of diabetic
  • Sugar index of 12.5 - 25
  • Heart attack twice
  • Stroke of 6 years
  • Cannot close hand after his stroke
  • leg limping
  • Lost of appetite 
  • Woke up 7-8 times in the middle of the night.
  • Cannot pass motion
  • Even thought of committing suicide.
  • 2007 wife got heavy stroke
  • wife lost the ability to speak after the stroke
  • Kidney failure in 2008 due to taking 37 tablets medicine daily for his diabetic condition
  • Get giddy easily
  • eye partial blindness

His muscle has started to regenerate. 

The above are his medical appointment cards, with the bottom card with the DISCHARGED stamp on his diabetic conditions. 

Thus, there are still hope to anyone who are suffering from diabetic, having to take so many colored pills daily, frequent visit to the toilet, had to be watchful of what you eat, avoiding any cuts on the skin at all time? Do you know anyone who are having such pain. Do share with them this testimonial from uncle Tony. Below is his personal testimonial. 

I am more than happy to share with you more about Nefful negative ion clothing, do contact me via +65 9011 8620. 

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