Saturday, June 18, 2011

How I survived the vertical marathon 2011 when I used to have injured knees?

Have you tried the vertical marathon organised by the NTU sport club? It is really a once in a life time experience that you will always remember. I urge you to try it.
  • Do you know someone who injured his knee while playing badminton? 
  • Not one knee but both knees? 
  • Do you know someone who injured his ankle while playing basketball? 
  • Do you know someone who had slipped disc 18 years ago? 
Well I do, in fact I know him very well. That person is me. : )

Ever since I saw the news on TV that Singaporeans are climbing the vertical marathon, I told myself that I must do it one of these day, especially when I saw the oldest man in the participant completed it. I was limited by my pain in both knees, my right ankle, my slipped disc etc...However...

After wearing Nefful's teviron clothing full set for the past 2 years I felt I am ready, especially after I completed the NTU bike rally of 148km cycling around Singapore in 9.5hours. Right after I completed my NTU bike rally, I signed up for the Vertical Marathon 2011 immediately.

I did it and if you have knee problem and it is preventing you from enjoying the sports or games that you like, delay no more, you have another alternative to get back in the game again. Don't let you knee injury stop you from carrying your baby, playing soccer, running, cycling, jogging or even fencing which I used to love playing. Take action now.

Below is a video of Marina Bay sands that I took right after I completed my 63 storey climb.

Here is the certificate, medal and a photo of me next to the 3 sisters of MBS.

If you know someone who has been suffering from knee pain, knee cap pain, knee injury and it has been preventing them from doing the activities they like and enjoy, share this information of hope with them. Let them know that they have a choice. I am more than happy to share my experience with you, contact me via 9011 8620 for more information.

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