Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Brain Cancer

Do you know anyone who has brain cancer? Do you know anyone whose son has brain cancer? I know the person below whose son has brain cancer. The whole event brought him and his family many worries and distress. His son had gone through many examinations and tests, and all these incurred unexpected expenses. Spending all this money may not guaranteed his son recovery. However he got to know about Nefful's negative ion clothing that changed the course of event. Below is his sharing and gratitude. 

"Praise to God, when our son was 12 years old, he was diagnosed with malignant tumour 4cm in his brain. With no other options, he had to undergo brain operation in early March 2010. After operation, our son couldn't talk, eat or drink, his legs and lower right arm couldn't move.

According to Neurologist in Singapore, it would take 3-6 months at best for our son to be able to talk again. 

At that time, NET Sze Poh brought a Nefful blanket for our son and asked us to use negative ion clothing Nefful daily and as often as possible. Without hesitation, we bought the full set to speed up our son's recovery. With the prayer of the entire dharma and seriously using Nefful products, within one month our son regain his speech and his right arms and legs could move again.

Thank you Nefful company for creating this amazing product, that allowed our son to undergo 1 month of radiotherapy and 1 year of chemotherapy safely and without side effect.

We'd like to give thanks to Mr Ali Albert and Mrs Hui chin who introduced Nefful negative ions clothing to us. Under guidance from Jia Chen and Long Han International Chief honorary consultant, Si Ru NET, Sze Poh Net helped us to be more convinced and confident to build our Nefful business and lastly we'd like to also give our highest appreciation for the support and effort from all our business partners.

May in the future we become more successful."

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