Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Recovered from 6 years of stroke after wearing Nefful clothing for 3 years, doctor even discharged him from diabetic.

Do you know anyone who is suffering from stroke? Do you want them to recover and starts to enjoy a normal life again:? Do you know anyone who is suffering from diabetic as well? Uncle Tony got discharged letter from his doctor for his diabetic condition.

Even for his condition of stroke, diabetic, Uncle Tony still have to take care of his wife who has been suffering stroke since 2007 from hemorrhage on the right side of the head, and he had kidney failure in 2008 due to eating too much medicine. Blessed by life, they got to know about Nefful and had since started to wear Nefful clothing full set 24hours a day for the past 3 years, now both husband and wife is slowly recovering to a better health. Below is his sharing on video, listen to what he has to share with you so that others may benefit from using Nefful clothing, bring hope and happiness back into their life when health improves.

Other significant improvements are his improved eye sight, hair starts to grow back, his muscles even starts to develop, and many more, do listen and let him share with you what he has to say. 

If you know anyone who is suffering from Stroke or Diabetic, do share with them regarding this video testimonial, I am more than happy to share more information with you or your friend. I believe there is still hope in leading a healthy life gaining back our happiness in the process.

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