Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Liver with black spot

Do you know anyone who was informed by their doctors that they have black spot on their liver? Do you know anyone who is suffering from black spot on the liver? Taking medicine and still not improving? Keep doing blood test and results still showing that black spot on the liver? Do listen to what Xiong Jun Ting has to share from his personal experience on the above subject. 

"...Through the introduction of a friend, I met Mr. Xiong, who was about seventy something, a good talker and very energetic. He told me that he was informed by the doctor after a medical examination that his liver had black spot on it, he was totally shocked. I suggested that he used Nefful's products to take care of himself, and told him that wearing clothing would be safer than taking medicine, and there will be no extra burden on the liver either. Although he was in doubt, he still accepted my proposal to buy the undergarments, hats, neck warmer and other products to wear.

Six months later, I was glad to hear him saying that after continued follow up and re-examinations, the doctor found remarkable improvement on the black spot in his liver. He was very excited and happy, and feeling more confident in using the products. He then went on using the products diligently everyday. Not for long, he found that some of the other health related problems he had seldom paid attention before were getting better too. First of all, his grayish hair become darker and shinier. The problem he had with chronic bronchitis and athlete's foot have also improved significantly. He was very grateful to the ions health clothing for making him healthy and happy again. 

If you know someone who is suffering from liver with black spot, do share with them this article, do let them know that there is another alternative method. I am more than happy to share with you and your friend, do give me a call +65 9011 8620. 

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