Monday, April 11, 2011

More evidence on my slipped disc in 1993.

Have you ever wonder if I really had slipped disc? I asked my friends and they had forgotten about it as it happened in 1993 I had my first insurance policy and since then, I am not insured for any problem due to the cause of my slipped disc, so I had to be very careful when I walk, run, or even climbing down the stairs etc..

Below is my insurance policy from AIA, please read the fine print on page 3 of the policy below.

Page 3 of my AIA insurance policy showing the exclusion of my benefit should anything happened that is related to my slipped disc.

Page 2 of my AIA insurance policy that proves that this is my policy.

Thus there is hope for people who have slipped disc problem, I managed to have my condition improved so much without going through operation. I did it and if you know anyone who is looking for a solution like mine, do let them know about this, I am more than happy to share more. Now I am praying for a re-examination of my slipped disc so that I have medical evidence to show the insurance company and remove my exclusion. 

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