Monday, April 11, 2011

Follow up testimonial from the man who can see clearly once more

Do you still remember this man from the video testimony that I had posted earlier ? His eye sight improved greatly after wearing Nefful's teviron clothing.

Time had past and his condition improved further and let him share with you more about his improved condition and also how he helped someone else to improve the eye sight as well.

Ah han's neighbour had eye surgery and the doctor had to remove the eye from her eye socket and put it back in, however after the surgery, she still have to visit the polyclinic for eye solution clean her eye which had redness and keep having tears coming out from the eye. After wearing full set for 1.5 months, the redness has subside and continuous flow of tears had stopped.

Please share with friends you know who had the similar problem and let them have another chance to a good visual again.

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