Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Finally pregnant despite 3 doctors said impossible to get pregnant

Since I started work more than 14years ago, I have met many couples in my office were trying to have a child since the day of their marriage. Many years passed and still they have not made any progress. I believe some may have tried IVF as well, I believe it is very expensive and may not guaranteed pregnancy. Now the following testimony may bring hope to couples who had been trying for many years.

Read up what Zhang Chun-Mei has to share especially about her pregnancy. 

..."My job is to clean streets every day, from morning till nightfall. It requires constantly sweeping the grounds for falling leaves. Because my body weight is more than one hundred kilograms, so this job is very hard for me. After awhile, my body suffered with more and more aches and pains. The bone spurs caused me the spine scoliosis, which forced me to put on back braces. Because my job requires heavy walking, my knee joints finally locked and could not bend anymore. All these health problems had made me worry about the job security.

I met AGM Shumin by accident. She told me the negative ion clothing would be helpful for me. At the beginning, with the small paycheck I had, I considered the products too pricey for me to afford. Nevertheless, with the thought of what would happen if I lost the job due to my illness in mind, I decided to give myself a chance. I started to use the products, and gradually I found that I could bend my knees, and I did not need to wear back braces anymore. What is more magical is that after six months of using the products, the doctor told me I was pregnant! I was so happy! Because of my overweight, and with menstrual period never going on smoothly, all three doctors I visited before told me that it was impossible for me to get pregnant. My dream has come true actually because I chose to use the negative ion healthy products. "To believe" or "Not to believe", just one word less, but the result is completely different!

If you know anyone who looking for an alternative despite trying out all the methods available, please share this with them, I am more than happy to share more how they too can expect to be expected. 

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