Saturday, March 5, 2011

Testimony of Hu Kuan Dien

In October 1999, Hu kuan Dien's mom gave the Nefful negative ion Eye mask to his sister who had life long eye irritation. At that time, Kuan Dien's sister was not able to open her eyes when she woke up every morning. And after using the Nefful negative ion Eye mask daily for a short period of time, her eye irritation condition improved. After seeing her improvement, Kuan Dien's mother bought Kuan Dien and her sister each a full set to use. By wearing the full set, his sister's other problems like conjunctivitis, keratitis, high Intraocular pressure , Tinnitus , and migraine headaches had been improved dramatically.

Attached is the detail sharing of Kuan Dien, click on the attached document to read more about how Kuan Dien's own health issues had improved too.

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