Saturday, March 5, 2011

How I survived the NTU Bike Rally 148km around Singapore on 27th Feb 2011

Have you ever played an intense badminton game for 2 hours and the next few days you will get sore and body aches and pain all over? Well I had before I wear Nefful negative ion clothing.

On 27th Feb 2011, I participated in the NTU Bike rally 2011, which consist of the 168km for the advanced riders and the 128km for the beginners like me. However unknowingly I entered the wrong route to the 168km and had cycled extra 20km before I realised the mistake, this was my first such endurance race and I cycled 148km around Singapore instead of the 128km for beginners

I will show you what I am wearing on 27th Feb 2011, Nefful clothing really helped me complete this race without much pain. Thank you Nefful for producing such wonderful product.

That night, I wore the full set of Eskimo long sleeve shirt and long under pants to sleep. The next day I am fully recovered from the tiredness, I woke up without any sore or pain on my body. I can only tell you how it felt on me, you have to wear it yourself to know the feeling.

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