Saturday, March 5, 2011

2 years already I am still benefiting from wearing Nefful's negative ion clothings

Thank you so much to my friends (you), my family, my relatives and friends of friend for supporting and most importantly for believing in me. I thank Nefful Company for producing such a wonderful clothing so that my health improved after wearing the full set for just 3 months.

Let me share about my mom's improvement with everyone. 2 years ago before my mom wore the Nefful negative ions clothing, she used to be 80kg having a waist size of 102cm plus a hip size of 110cm. Now after wearing Nefful clothing to sleep every night, she had managed to reduce her weight naturally without any change in diet, to 74kg and has a new waist size of 93cm plus a new hip size of 107cm. She even told me that she could wear her old pants again.

To top it all, she experienced the most amazing shift in her health, her blood pressure, previously on the high side, is now lowered to healthy range, her frequent visits to the toilet late at night previously prevented her from sleeping well, those toilet visits gradually reduced to a point that now she can have uninterrupted sleep throughout the night til the next morning without having to visit the toilet at night.

Previously due to her weight, she had knee pain when she went shopping with my sister or just climbing the stairs would have caused her much anxiety and fear. now she can visit many places with ease.

I am happy that my mom no longer feels the pain and continues to enjoy herself, it’s almost like she has discovered a whole new life for herself that she has never experienced before - be it ; going out shopping and meeting friends, the quality of life that she now has is simply beyond her imagination

If you know anyone who is suffering from similar pain and problem as my mom, do share this with your friend, I am more than happy to share more information.

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