Saturday, March 5, 2011

How I survived the NTU Bike Rally 148km around Singapore on 27th Feb 2011

Have you ever played an intense badminton game for 2 hours and the next few days you will get sore and body aches and pain all over? Well I had before I wear Nefful negative ion clothing.

On 27th Feb 2011, I participated in the NTU Bike rally 2011, which consist of the 168km for the advanced riders and the 128km for the beginners like me. However unknowingly I entered the wrong route to the 168km and had cycled extra 20km before I realised the mistake, this was my first such endurance race and I cycled 148km around Singapore instead of the 128km for beginners

I will show you what I am wearing on 27th Feb 2011, Nefful clothing really helped me complete this race without much pain. Thank you Nefful for producing such wonderful product.

That night, I wore the full set of Eskimo long sleeve shirt and long under pants to sleep. The next day I am fully recovered from the tiredness, I woke up without any sore or pain on my body. I can only tell you how it felt on me, you have to wear it yourself to know the feeling.

Testimony of Luo Shue-Er

Four years ago the doctors informed Luo Shue-Er that one of her kidneys was shrinking and the other had stones. She started to wear Nefful negative ion clothing for the next six months before her next check up. To her joy, the doctors told her that the renal atrophy and kidney stones were gone. She continued to wear the Nefful negative ion clothing for her other long term illnesses like Hepatitis B, menopausal disorders, lower back pain, knee pain, insomnia, breast pain, gynecological disease, etc

Read all about it the attached detail sharing by her.

If you know any friends who are suffering as much as Luo Shue-Er, please share this with your friend for an alternative effective choice.

Testimony of Hu Kuan Dien

In October 1999, Hu kuan Dien's mom gave the Nefful negative ion Eye mask to his sister who had life long eye irritation. At that time, Kuan Dien's sister was not able to open her eyes when she woke up every morning. And after using the Nefful negative ion Eye mask daily for a short period of time, her eye irritation condition improved. After seeing her improvement, Kuan Dien's mother bought Kuan Dien and her sister each a full set to use. By wearing the full set, his sister's other problems like conjunctivitis, keratitis, high Intraocular pressure , Tinnitus , and migraine headaches had been improved dramatically.

Attached is the detail sharing of Kuan Dien, click on the attached document to read more about how Kuan Dien's own health issues had improved too.

If you know someone who can benefit from reading this testimony, please forward this, your friend will have another effective choice to choose from.

Testimony of Yang May-Fang

Yang May-Fang is very filial, she knows that her mom was suffering from long term hip and knee joint pain, and numbness, especially whenever her mom climbed the stairs in the past she had to pound her own hips in order to ease the pain. Actually I did the same too when I had slipped disc pain, I was hitting my leg to divert the pain. After wearing Nefful negative ion clothing, her mom no longer needs to pound her hip as her condition had improved as she no longer feel the pain when she climbs the stairs.

Click on the attached document to read the detail sharing of Yang May-fang and see how her own health problem improved too.

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Testimony of May Chua

Attached below is the testimony of May Chua, click on the document for a detail sharing of how she started to use Nefful negative ion clothing since 2007, and how her urethritis, urinary seepage problem has been improved. Before she got to know about Nefful negative ion clothing, she was spending on nutritional supplements, but she didn't see any improvements but just using the Nefful negative ion clothing for 1 month, she began to see her body gradually improved. Let her tell you her sharing.

Please share this with someone who are suffering from the same pain as May Chua, let them have another choice.

2 years already I am still benefiting from wearing Nefful's negative ion clothings

Thank you so much to my friends (you), my family, my relatives and friends of friend for supporting and most importantly for believing in me. I thank Nefful Company for producing such a wonderful clothing so that my health improved after wearing the full set for just 3 months.

Let me share about my mom's improvement with everyone. 2 years ago before my mom wore the Nefful negative ions clothing, she used to be 80kg having a waist size of 102cm plus a hip size of 110cm. Now after wearing Nefful clothing to sleep every night, she had managed to reduce her weight naturally without any change in diet, to 74kg and has a new waist size of 93cm plus a new hip size of 107cm. She even told me that she could wear her old pants again.

To top it all, she experienced the most amazing shift in her health, her blood pressure, previously on the high side, is now lowered to healthy range, her frequent visits to the toilet late at night previously prevented her from sleeping well, those toilet visits gradually reduced to a point that now she can have uninterrupted sleep throughout the night til the next morning without having to visit the toilet at night.

Previously due to her weight, she had knee pain when she went shopping with my sister or just climbing the stairs would have caused her much anxiety and fear. now she can visit many places with ease.

I am happy that my mom no longer feels the pain and continues to enjoy herself, it’s almost like she has discovered a whole new life for herself that she has never experienced before - be it ; going out shopping and meeting friends, the quality of life that she now has is simply beyond her imagination

If you know anyone who is suffering from similar pain and problem as my mom, do share this with your friend, I am more than happy to share more information.