Sunday, January 9, 2011

Testimonial of Breast Cancer patient and how Nefful clothing helped another breast cancer patient

Do you know anyone who have or had breast cancer? Do you know that the medical treatment is very painful? Do you know that some patient had their breast removed?

What if there is a better way to improve this condition, would you introduce this to your friends? I did when I first found out that my ex-colleague had breast cancer and lucky for her, her husband already bought a full set for her to use, I am so happy for her.

Below is a testimonial of a breast cancer patient, listen to what she has to say after using it for 1 month with amazing recovery. After her electric treatment for her breast cancer in the hospital, her skin actually turns black, however after just using the full set of the Nefful clothing, her skin cells actually recovered and grew new skin. Let her tell you her story.

Another testimonial shows that one of our member had shared Nefful teviron clothing to her niece and 2 other cancer patient in the hospital back in 2008, her niece listened to her and started to wear Nefful clothing and her condition improved and she is now back to the work force teaching. However the 2 friends that she met in the hospital did not and both of them passed away last year in June and December 2010 respectively.

Coincidentally at the car park she met a stranger who had blindness due to stroke, and just by wearing the Nefful teviron Eye Mask for over 2 weeks, he finally can see. Let her tell you in the video below.

Do share this with your friends if they have breast cancer, let them have another choice in life. I am willing to share more with you and your friends if they want to learn more how by wear Nefful clothing can improve their health condition.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA sounds like jesus. So nefful can cure blindness? thats a new one. Can I hold you to your words? If nefful doesn't work, what is the compensation? My mum lost her sense of smell. I am willing to bet 50000 aud your stupid product doesn't work :)

  2. Hi, today I have another testimony which she had shared personally that she had been blind for 7 years, after wearing the nefful teviron clothing, her condition improved gradually and now she can see again. : )
    As for your mom's condition, I have asked around and understand that we have nefful teviron clothing user, she's a school principle, her condition is similar to your mom's. She had lost her sense of smell too, and the worst thing is she cannot be in a air-conditioned room or even a room with the fan running. However after wearing full set 24/7 for more than 1 month, she is able to slowly gain back her sense of smell. Her running rose condition had improved so much.

    If you mum is willing to wear the full set 24/7 for 3-6months, I am confident that your mom will gain back her sense of smell again. She can smell the aroma of the fresh fried egg, other delicious food, etc...

    And when that happened, I would like you to invest all AUD50,000 in nefful negative ion clothings on your parents and your love ones through me. Is it a deal? So that your whole family and love one can benefit and stay healthy. : )