Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hope for Diabetic patients

Do you know anyone who is suffering from Diabetic? Do you know anyone who needs to visit kidney dialysis center very often?

Personally I know a very close friend of mine who had Diabetic, and just a few days ago I visited his place of rest at Mandai Columbarium. I remembered about 1 year before his death, he had his leg saw off because of the decay in the leg and the wound just wouldn't heal up. At that time I do not know anything or heard of Nefful negative ion clothing, if I do I will make sure he wears them 24 x 365, maybe he would be still alive.

Today's writing is dedicated to him, may he found peace into his next life.

Lately I have recorded 2 testimony regard Diabetic patients' condition improved after wearing the full set of Nefful negative ion clothing and I would like share with you in the following video.

Listen to what Ann has to share regarding her dad's diabetes condition being controlled after wearing for over 1 year, even reduced in medications. At the same time, listen to Ann's personal experience how wearing Nefful negative ion clothing help her to reduce her fibroid from 5cam to 4.8cm thus avoiding an operation.

Here is another testimony from mimi, listen to what she has to share.

Mimi started to use Nefful negative ion clothing over 3.5 years ago on her daughter who was 15 years old, at that time her blood sugar level was at 25.9 and just using the full set of Neffful negative ion clothing for 5 months, her blood sugar had lowered to 14. At the moment of her sharing, her daughter's blood sugar had maintained at 7. Listen to what she has to share about her own personal experience and other fortunate people that she shared with. Remember to watch all as there is a very touching sharing about a little girl who gain back her confidences and rid her mental stress of her classmate laughing at her severe skin condition, now she can go swimming after wearing Nefful negative ion clothing for over 2 months, she gain back her health, confidences and self esteem.

Do share your friends or relative who is searching for alternative solution to his/her pain, give them another chance to live a better live.

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