Thursday, December 29, 2011

What’s an ion?

What’s an ion?
Ions are nothing more than atoms that have an electrical charge, either positive or negative. Atoms are always losing and picking up electrons – sub-atomic (smaller than an atom) bits that whirl around the core of  an atom, which is  called the nucleus.
This is an atom. The red sphere in the center is the nucleus. The bits whirling around the nucleus are called electrons.This is a molecule made up of several, different types of atoms represented by the different colored spheres.
Ions become electrically charged – either positive or negative – when they lose or pick up an electron. Gain an electron and they become anion. Lose an electron and they become an cation. Confused? Well don’t be. Just remember that ions can carry a positive or negative electrical charge.
Negative ions are created all of the time in nature. When a bolt of lighting slices through the air, it creates negative ions. So does a waterfall. As the water mists in falling, it loses an electron, creating that fresh, ozone smell.
Even waves at the beach can create negative ions. As each wave crashes against the shore, electrons are lost in the process. So, there’s nothing unusual about negative ions. They’re simply electrically charged particles floating through the air.
Now, negative ions may not be unusual, but negative ion clothing is. Numerous studies have shown that negative ions have a positive effect on good health and even aging.
  • Under stringent test conditions, negative ions have shown that they deliver health benefits regardless of age.
  • All living things require negative ions to survive.
  • Oxygen, necessary for human life, carries a negative charge.
  • Test subjects exposed to negative ions showed higher levels of focus and serenity.
  • People with severe, chronic pain report that negative ion therapy relaxes the body and mind, enabling test subjects to better cope with their pain.
  • It’s believed that negative ions extract from the environment certain bacteria that cause colds, flu and lung infection.
  • Negatively charged air is refreshing. (Remember how you feel at the shore or at the foot of a waterfall? That’s because you’re breathing in high concentrations of negative ions.)
  • Other benefits to health include: improved blood circulation, lowered blood pressure levels, improved sleep, joint pain relief and lessened recovery times from injury.
The tests are there. The effects documented.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

These are things I dare not think of doing after being sick, but it really has happened.


Do you know anyone who has kidney failure whom the doctor will say it is very critical, you need to....?
Do you know anyone whose health condition worsen after having gone through kidney dialysis?
Do you know anyone who had leg inflammation that was due to kidney stop functioning properly?
Below is a testimonial of Guo Wei-Tin, let him share his testimony with you.

Guo Wei-Tin is a businessman, while on a business trip to China in 2009, his right leg had an inflammation and  admitted to hospital immediately, after taking the prescribed medication and injection for over 1 month, the inflammation did not subside, instead the condition got worsen and was rush back to Taiwan for emergency checkup by specialist.

The specialist doctor advised Guo Wei-Tin that he had serious kidney failure because his creatinine index is above 26, in a normal person the creatinine index should be below 1.4 which means his is 20 times more than a normal person. This indicate that his kidney is failing. He was immediately sent for dialysis.

What are the side effects after having a kidney dialysis?
- Cardiac arrhythmia
- Body become weaker
- Heart beat becomes irregular
- Mood turns very low, easily becomes unhappy
- Going to the hospital in and out all day long

In 2010 Guo Wei-Tin was introduced to Nefful Negative ions clothing, however he believed otherwise. 1 year had passed and his condition was deteriorating

After his cardiac ablation surgery in April 2011, Guo Wei-Tin decided to invest on himself for the love of his children and family. He bought the full set of negative ions clothing. And he observed the followings after wearing the full set of Nefful negative ions clothing.

1. Back and waist pain improvement
2. Black tarry stools discharged
3. Blackheads and spots on his face fading
4. Side effects of the dialysis disappeared
5. Creatinine index is reducing to normal

Read the full detail about his testimony by click on the below image. If you need more information, please feel free to contact me @ +65 9011 8620 or my Business partner Karen Cheong @ +65 9875 2022.

Wishing you a wonderful day.

For more information about what is creatinine index and why it is important to have this checkup? Visit the  website related to health.  

Sunday, November 13, 2011

From being skeptical to be fond of negative ions clothing

Do you know of anyone who suddenly collapsed because of brain stroke? Do you know anyone whom the doctors had given up hope on? Do you know that our parents will not share their sickness with their children because they do not want their children to worry about them?

I realised this after my mom had noticeable improvement to her health condition that she shared with me when we talk about nefful negative ions clothing, this would not have happened if I did not force upon my parents to wear the full set of Nefful clothing since March 2009. Looking back I am glad that I did what I did.

Below is a sharing by Zhou Jun Ru, he is a professional with a background in medicinal chemistry, and he witnessed how his future mother in law had suddenly collapsed due to brain stroke and to a point where the doctors had given up hope in her future mother in law in June 2008, and how he witnessed another thing that made him wonder harder when his future mother in law had a speedy recovery by using the full sets of negative ions clothing when the doctors had given up hope on.

Then he immediately thought of his own mother after learning more about Nefful's negative ions clothing, he bought the full sets for his parents. Read the attached testimony from him to find out more about how her mom gave her testimony of the following pains that she was enduring all these years.

  • knee pain
  • Cannot squat 
  • Back pain 
  • Cannot lift up the hand high in the air
  • heavy body
  • spots on the face

Last I would like to leave you with a note from Zhou Jun Run......"Sometimes parents do not want to worry us by telling us their physical problems; actually I am so grateful that I have given myself and my family a chance to use the products. After getting enough confidence, we started to share massively with friends. I really appreciate this business, because it gives our entire family more common topics to talk about and same goals to strive for."

Feel free to contact me +65 9011 8620 should you requires more information regarding Nefful negative ions clothing or you would like to see and touch some sample of the Nefful negative ions clothing. Have a nice day.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Drinking too much Coke can cause Arthritis.

Do you enjoy drinking coke everyday instead of water? Do you know someone who only drink coke? Do you know what is the side effect of drinking too much coke? 

Many years ago, Miss Lee used to work in Nan Yang Xiang Bao (南洋商报)newspaper, as a photo journalist. Due to her work nature, she pick up drinking coca cola (coke) every day. Instead of drinking 8 cups of water, she drank 8 cans of coke.

As times goes by, Arthritis developed in her body, eventually she could not even climb the staircase as each single steps cause great pain to her. This affected her work as she needs to move around, travel here and there for her work. She had seek the help of Doctors, however she was told by the doctor that such kind of sickness cannot be cured and the only thing the Doctor offered was pain killers to be consumed daily. In the end she got no other choice but to quit her job as she can no long perform her job without causing so much pain to herself.

Her grandma used to have Arthritis, the condition was so bad that she was not able to kneel down or even bend her fingers. Her grandma was introduced to Nefful clothing and she patiently wears the full set of Nefful clothing, in just a short period of 2 months, Miss Lee noticed that her grandma began to walk and eventually took a tour to Great Wall of China.

Thinking that if this works for her grandma, Miss Lee decided to invest the full set of Nefful clothing herself. Look at her photo now, she is now well and pain-free from Arthritis.

Should you need more information on what is Negative ion? Or any other information regarding Nefful, please feel free to contact me (+65 9011 8620) or my business partner Karen Cheong (+65 9875 2022). If you are calling from oversea, please do contact me too as we have Offices in USA, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan as well.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Prostate Cancer, is there still hope for normal life? Yes, Nefful can help.

Do you know that Prostate cancer is the most common cancer for men? Do you know that 1 in 10 men will get prostate cancer? In UK alone, 250,000 men are living with prostate cancer. Do you know someone who has prostate cancer? Someone close to you?

What issues are common for men with Prostate problem?
- needing to urinate more often, especially at night every 2 hours
- difficulty starting to pass urine
- straining or taking a long time to finish urinating
- a weak flow of urine
- a feeling that your bladder has not emptied properly
- needing to rush to the toilet
- occasionally leak urine before you get there
- dribbling urine

What if there is pain, is this a symptoms of Prostate cancer too? 
- pain when passing urine
- pain when ejaculating
- problems getting or keeping an erection, it is not common for prostate problem, it is more often caused by other health conditions.
- blood in the urine or semen

The above is a statistic of men most likely to have prostate cancer from 50 of age. Our father are of that age, and it is very common that men will keep this a secret until we die. I am not taking any chances, so I bought 5 pairs of Nefful underwear for my dad. I am glad I did that.

In the next few blog, I will share some of the testimonial of brave men who dare to share their experience to the public so that many more men can be helped and lead a normal life again. When our immune system stops functioning properly, many health issues surface, and because i wear nefful clothing every day for the past 2.5 years, i have not encountered such problem any more. 

Should you need more information, I am more than happen to share with you via email or in person whenever possible. You can contact me @ +65 90118620 or email me

The above information and statistic can be found in the following links:

Monday, August 1, 2011

Believe in Negative Ion clothing! It would definitely bring us health and happiness!

Do you know anyone who was hospitalised for hematuria? Where the examination confirmed that numerous pieces of tumor were found in the kidneys; one of them is a benign tumor with length of about 15cm. Well Zheng Ruwen had this experience and below is her sharing. And after taking more than 10 years of anti-epileptic drugs, the renal function was getting worse until the doctor was considering removing one of the kidneys. 

Apart from the above she was also found with lung fibrosis, which cause the following pain.
  • difficulty in breathing
  • shortness of breath
  • coughing

Click on the picture below to read the details of her sharing and see how she had worn the full set of Nefful's negative ion clothing had helped her tumor shrunk from 15cm to 7.7cm and her renal function gets back to normal.

No only that, her father in his 80s had degenerative arthritis, arrhythmia and severity of anemia, whom the doctor had recommended for artificial joint replacement avoided all all these by using the Nefful's negative ion clothing full set 24x7 daily for at least 3 months as his condition improved greatly. Read more from her sharing by clicking on the picture.

Should you need more information, please feel free to contact me (+65 9011 8620) or my business partner Karen ( +65 98752022) Have a great week ahead. 

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Negative Ion clothing keeps me alive.

Do you know anyone close to you that is suffering from second stage breast cancer? Do you know how much pain and agony that had to go through each day? 

Below is the testimonial of Cai Liyue, click on the photo below to read about her sharing and how she manage to overcome her pain and agony as summarized below.

  • Felt lost and helpless
  • stinging pain
  • falling of hair
  • vomiting

After wearing the full set of Nefful's negative ion clothing, she saw the following sign of improvements to her body, thick yellowish vaginal discharge on the panties, no discomfort during treatment and chemotherapy, no vomiting nor rejection of medication during treatment and chemotherapy. Because of wearing the full set of Nefful's negative ion clothing day and night during the period of treatment, she was well enough to drive by herself, do the house work and even take care of herself. Her hair even grew back fast, shiny, black and soft. 
She is very thankful of Nefful's negative ion clothing that she is willing to share her experience with everyone.

Please share this with people that you care and love, who had lost hope in life, let them know that there is still hope for a normal and better future. Please feel free to contact me or my business partner Karen should you need more information. Her contact number is +65 98752022 or mine is +65 9011 8620, so send an email to me at for more information. Have a beautiful day. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fully committed to the Career of Helping Others

Do you have aging mother at home who needs your care and love? Do you have aging parents that you care about? My mom suffered similar problem with Liu Gongyin's mother, Let her share her story with you. Her mother suffered the following pain for many years. Below is her story, click on the picture to see the details. 

  • In 2002 Liu Gongyin's mother suffered from severe osteoarthritis. 2 years later in 2004, her knees were curved out. This caused;
  • inconvenience
  • harder for her to climb up and down the stairs.
  • no improvement after seeing many Chinese and western medical doctors 
  • knees were sore
  • pain
  • redness
  • swollen knees
  • could not fall asleep
  • had to put ice on knees to numb them for 1hour
  • took anti-inflammatory painkillers every day

Finally the doctor recommended surgery, but fortunately she was introduced to Nefful's negative ion clothing which Liu Gongyin invested a full set for her mom. After 3 months of using the Nefful's negative ion clothing, Liu Gongyin's mother got rid of the painkillers (eating too much will affect the kidney).

One year later, she looked so much better. Now she has been using the nefful's negative ion clothing for more than four years, and within these 4 years, she walked to church every day. 

As for Liu Gongyin, she was suffering from poor quality sleep for more than 10 years, which often cause her;
  • pain in the Neck
  • pain in the Shoulders
  • waking up in the middle of the night in pain
  • see 8 Chinese and Western doctors with no improvements
Together with her mom, she wore Nefful negative ion clothing from head to toe, day and night. 6 months later,  all her problems had improved. 

For the past 4 years now, she and her mom has been free from pain and sufferings.

Do you know someone who share the same pain and inconvenience as Liu Gongyin and her mother? Do share this with your friends and relatives, let them know that there is still hope. Feel free to contact me or my business partner Karen for more information. My business partner's contact is 98752022, or email me at or my mobile 9011 8620. Have a healthy day ahead. 


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Is it Pain on the Elbow or tennis elbow?

Does pain on elbow only applies to people who enjoys tennis so much that they suffers from tennis elbow? Do you know someone who are suffering from tennis elbow? Do you know someone who has pain on the elbow? Well I know at least 3 person who has such pain bordering them, however it is bearable for them to get by.

Let me share with you what kind of pain is that, just like yesterday, I had great friends from oversea visiting me and we went out for photo shoot in the city. I was carrying the camera for the whole day bending my elbow just like the professional photographer in the picture below. 

When I have to carry a laptop bag on my better hand carry for less than an hour I will few the soreness already. 

Can you imagine my mom who has to carry all those bags of vegetables, groceries, cans of food from the market. Pretty soon she will have pain in the elbow too. 

Below is a testimonial of Peng Shu Lin, click on the picture to read her sharing. 

  • Had elbow pain for over 10 years
  • Cannot lift up her arms 
  • Tried western and Chinese medicine, but no improvement

 These were the pain that Peng Shu Lin had been suffering for the past 10 years before she got to know about nefful teviron clothing. Now her conditions had improved so much that she is not bothered by the pain anymore. 

Please share this with someone you care, someone you love that is suffering the pain in the elbow in silence, for a long time, think about them, let them know that they is still hope. Please feel free to contact me for more sharing, I am more than happy to share with you, my contact number is +65 9011 8620. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

How I survived the vertical marathon 2011 when I used to have injured knees?

Have you tried the vertical marathon organised by the NTU sport club? It is really a once in a life time experience that you will always remember. I urge you to try it.
  • Do you know someone who injured his knee while playing badminton? 
  • Not one knee but both knees? 
  • Do you know someone who injured his ankle while playing basketball? 
  • Do you know someone who had slipped disc 18 years ago? 
Well I do, in fact I know him very well. That person is me. : )

Ever since I saw the news on TV that Singaporeans are climbing the vertical marathon, I told myself that I must do it one of these day, especially when I saw the oldest man in the participant completed it. I was limited by my pain in both knees, my right ankle, my slipped disc etc...However...

After wearing Nefful's teviron clothing full set for the past 2 years I felt I am ready, especially after I completed the NTU bike rally of 148km cycling around Singapore in 9.5hours. Right after I completed my NTU bike rally, I signed up for the Vertical Marathon 2011 immediately.

I did it and if you have knee problem and it is preventing you from enjoying the sports or games that you like, delay no more, you have another alternative to get back in the game again. Don't let you knee injury stop you from carrying your baby, playing soccer, running, cycling, jogging or even fencing which I used to love playing. Take action now.

Below is a video of Marina Bay sands that I took right after I completed my 63 storey climb.

Here is the certificate, medal and a photo of me next to the 3 sisters of MBS.

If you know someone who has been suffering from knee pain, knee cap pain, knee injury and it has been preventing them from doing the activities they like and enjoy, share this information of hope with them. Let them know that they have a choice. I am more than happy to share my experience with you, contact me via 9011 8620 for more information.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Knee pain or damage to the ligaments in the knee? Knee injuries?

Do you know someone who has knee problem? Do you know someone who will tell you how much pain she has on her knee when she walk, climb the stairs etc? Do you know someone who is looking for a solution when she is telling us about her pain?

Well in fact I do know this someone very personally, she is my mom. More than 3 years ago, my mom has been giving me feedback about her knee pain:

  • how she felt pain when she climb the stairs,
  • how she felt pain when she goes shopping, 
  • how she felt pain if she has to squat down to pick up something on the floor, 
  • etc. 

Everyday I listened to my mom's pain. I heard her and I took action, 2 1/2 years ago I got her a full set which includes 3 pairs of Nefful negative ions knee supporters to wear together with Nefful's night wear when she sleeps, 2-3 months after using, I noticed that she did not mention anything regarding her knee. I am so happy as 2 1/2 years had passed, she is now enjoying her shopping with no worries about her knee pain.

Below is another testimonial from Tai Pan Luo, click on the below picture to read the full story.
Tai Pan Luo's husband suffers from knee pain,

  • Medicine from doctor only suppressed the pain instead of curing the causes.
  • No more pain after using the Nefful sample blanket for 3 days on 1 knee.
  • The other knee that was not wrapped with Nefful sample blanket still have pain.

It works when wear daily, close contact with the skin, wear for long duration. And most importantly, remember to wash daily.

Click on the above picture to read about He Rui Zhu's person experience.

He Rui Zhu suffered from great pain because of a car accident caused injuries to the ligaments in her knee. 
  • Side effect of this made her weak
  • Almost disabled.
  • Made her family exhausted.

Just using the Nefful teviron knee support, her condition improved greatly after 1 week of wearing.

This article is dedicated to my friend who has been suffering from knee pain for quite some time already, I pray that you will find these testimonials useful and share with someone you love who has been suffering from knee pain. Should you need more information, please feel free to contact me on my mobile +65 9011 8620.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cancer for the last 20 years since at a very young age

Do you know someone who has been fighting cancer for the last 20 years?
At the same time, this someone is also suffering from 12 years of eczema?
Not only that she suffers from the followings as well.

  • First stage cancer
  • Cervical cancer
  • Every 2-3 years cancer came back even though gone through laser treatment
  • Asthma attacks
  • Eczema for the past 12 years
  • Causing the bed sheet full of blood
  • Body system breaks down
  • had Brain damage due to serious migraine
  • fibroid and cysts in ovary
  • Taking hormone pills
  • Heavy bleeding daily for 365 days
  • Low blood pressure
  • Floaters all over the eyes
  • Hepatitis B
  • Constant sore throat

Fortunately for her, she was introduced to Nefful negative ion clothing since last June 2010 and has been wearing the full set for the past one year. Her bleeding stop after wearing the Nefful panties for just 1 night, watch her video testimonial and she will tell you how she had overcome all the above suffering by wearing the full set of Nefful negative ion clothing.

If you know someone who share the same pain as her, do share this testimonial with your friend, I am sure they will thank you. Please feel free to contact me for more information via my mobile +65 9011 8620. 

Psoriasis - a more severe form of skin disease than eczema

Psoriasis is a common skin condition that causes skin redness and irritation. Most persons with psoriasis have thick, red skin with flaky, silver-white patches called scales. 

Do you know someone who has been suffering from Psoriasis? 
What kind of pain and suffering does a person who has Psoriasis have to endured each day?

  • flaky skin on the face
  • Abnormal dryness of the skin on the body
  • Rashes all over the body
  • Itchiness
  • Wake up with a bed full of skin flakes

That is what Patrick has been suffering for the past 15 years before he got to use Nefful negative ion clothing full set. Below you will find his testimonial after 3 months of using the full set of Nefful negative ion clothing. 

Video testimonial (Mandarin) of Patrick after using Nefful clothing full set for 3 months (recorded in June 2011)

Video testimonial (English) of Patrick after using Nefful clothing full set for 2 months (recorded in May 2011)

If you know someone that is having such pain and suffering, let your friend read about this testimonial, let your friend have a hope of leading a good life again. I am more than happy to share more about Nefful negative ion clothing with you. My contact number is +65 9011 8620. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Chronic Eczema of your son troubling the whole family?

Do you know of anyone still suffering from Eczema? 
Do you know that constant scratching can lead to bleeding? 
Taken oral and external medication for relief but still could not be cured?
Have you been looking for something that really work?
Do you want your children to stop having such painful experience?
Do you want something that is effective and do not rely on medication? 

click on the below article to read the testimonial from Gjiao Fang Lin on how her son and her husband's chronic eczema condition improved greatly. 

If you know someone who has been suffering from chronic eczema all this time, please share with them this testimonial, it may just be what they are looking for. It will help change life. Give me a call +65 9011 8620 if you need more information, i am more than happy to share with more information with you.

Brain Cancer

Do you know anyone who has brain cancer? Do you know anyone whose son has brain cancer? I know the person below whose son has brain cancer. The whole event brought him and his family many worries and distress. His son had gone through many examinations and tests, and all these incurred unexpected expenses. Spending all this money may not guaranteed his son recovery. However he got to know about Nefful's negative ion clothing that changed the course of event. Below is his sharing and gratitude. 

"Praise to God, when our son was 12 years old, he was diagnosed with malignant tumour 4cm in his brain. With no other options, he had to undergo brain operation in early March 2010. After operation, our son couldn't talk, eat or drink, his legs and lower right arm couldn't move.

According to Neurologist in Singapore, it would take 3-6 months at best for our son to be able to talk again. 

At that time, NET Sze Poh brought a Nefful blanket for our son and asked us to use negative ion clothing Nefful daily and as often as possible. Without hesitation, we bought the full set to speed up our son's recovery. With the prayer of the entire dharma and seriously using Nefful products, within one month our son regain his speech and his right arms and legs could move again.

Thank you Nefful company for creating this amazing product, that allowed our son to undergo 1 month of radiotherapy and 1 year of chemotherapy safely and without side effect.

We'd like to give thanks to Mr Ali Albert and Mrs Hui chin who introduced Nefful negative ions clothing to us. Under guidance from Jia Chen and Long Han International Chief honorary consultant, Si Ru NET, Sze Poh Net helped us to be more convinced and confident to build our Nefful business and lastly we'd like to also give our highest appreciation for the support and effort from all our business partners.

May in the future we become more successful."

Please share this with someone whom you think will benefit from reading this, I am more than happy to share more information with you and your friend, do contact me @ +65 9011 8620

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

More about Uncle Tony and his "DISCHARGED" on his diabetic medical card.

Do you know anyone who takes 45mins to walk to the lift which is on the same floor? Beside his own stroke problem, his kidney failure problem, his diabetic problem, he still have to take care of his wife who suffered from a heavy stroke in 2007 which is severe and she can only lay on bed all day all night. Uncle tony has been suffering from his stroke 6 years ago. He was introduced to Nefful negative ion clothing 3 years ago which he decided to wear the full set and recently his conditions has improved greatly that he has come up to share about his testimonials. 

Summary of his health challenges as explained in his own video testimonial
  • Over 20 years history of diabetic
  • Sugar index of 12.5 - 25
  • Heart attack twice
  • Stroke of 6 years
  • Cannot close hand after his stroke
  • leg limping
  • Lost of appetite 
  • Woke up 7-8 times in the middle of the night.
  • Cannot pass motion
  • Even thought of committing suicide.
  • 2007 wife got heavy stroke
  • wife lost the ability to speak after the stroke
  • Kidney failure in 2008 due to taking 37 tablets medicine daily for his diabetic condition
  • Get giddy easily
  • eye partial blindness

His muscle has started to regenerate. 

The above are his medical appointment cards, with the bottom card with the DISCHARGED stamp on his diabetic conditions. 

Thus, there are still hope to anyone who are suffering from diabetic, having to take so many colored pills daily, frequent visit to the toilet, had to be watchful of what you eat, avoiding any cuts on the skin at all time? Do you know anyone who are having such pain. Do share with them this testimonial from uncle Tony. Below is his personal testimonial. 

I am more than happy to share with you more about Nefful negative ion clothing, do contact me via +65 9011 8620. 

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Liver with black spot

Do you know anyone who was informed by their doctors that they have black spot on their liver? Do you know anyone who is suffering from black spot on the liver? Taking medicine and still not improving? Keep doing blood test and results still showing that black spot on the liver? Do listen to what Xiong Jun Ting has to share from his personal experience on the above subject. 

"...Through the introduction of a friend, I met Mr. Xiong, who was about seventy something, a good talker and very energetic. He told me that he was informed by the doctor after a medical examination that his liver had black spot on it, he was totally shocked. I suggested that he used Nefful's products to take care of himself, and told him that wearing clothing would be safer than taking medicine, and there will be no extra burden on the liver either. Although he was in doubt, he still accepted my proposal to buy the undergarments, hats, neck warmer and other products to wear.

Six months later, I was glad to hear him saying that after continued follow up and re-examinations, the doctor found remarkable improvement on the black spot in his liver. He was very excited and happy, and feeling more confident in using the products. He then went on using the products diligently everyday. Not for long, he found that some of the other health related problems he had seldom paid attention before were getting better too. First of all, his grayish hair become darker and shinier. The problem he had with chronic bronchitis and athlete's foot have also improved significantly. He was very grateful to the ions health clothing for making him healthy and happy again. 

If you know someone who is suffering from liver with black spot, do share with them this article, do let them know that there is another alternative method. I am more than happy to share with you and your friend, do give me a call +65 9011 8620. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Do you know anyone who has Nasal allergies and allergic Asthma?

Do you know anyone who is suffering from Nasal allergies and had to endure the following pains?
  •  difficulty breathing, 
  • throat full of phlegm, 
  • red and swollen eyes, 
  • allergic asthma,

Now, by giving herself a chance and wearing the Nefful full set of teviron clothing for the past seven(7) years, Lin Shu-Yi feels healthier and thankful each day. Below is her sharing, click on the picture to read her sharing in mandarin. 

"...I had nasal allergies for more than a decade. since i was getting used to it, it was not a big deal. whenever it happened and made me feeling discomfort, i would just got to the hospital to get the medicine, and the symptoms would go away soon.

one day, due to severe changes in temperature, the allergy struck suddenly. I had difficulty in breathing, my throat was full of phlegm, my eyes were red and swollen, my family rushed me to the nearest hospital. after the doctor saw me, he suggested to send me to a larger hospital. When I arrived there, they put all the emergency equipment on me immediately. At that moment i thought to myself, "Am I done?" Later on, when the situation became stable, with a few examinations, the doctor announced that i got "Allergic Asthma". I had to rely on medication and equipment of respiratory expansion every day.

Although I had done everything according to doctor's instruction, one week later, in the middle of the night, the allergic asthma attacked again. My husband was working oversea at that time. I had to drive myself to the emergency room while enduring the pain. By coincidence, at that time my good friend introduced me to the negative ion health clothing, so I decided to give myself a chance. Three months after using the complete set of the products, I feel so much better.
I boldly stopped the medicine to see what happened - nothing bad happened at all. Now seven years past, by using the products diligently, I feel healthy and find no side effect at all. I'm really grateful to all the supports I get from the team and AGMs. I am also thankful to the company for producing the negative ion clothing to keep people healthy!"

Do you know of anyone who are enduring such pain and would like to do something about it? Do share this testimonial with them and I am more than happy to share more information with you or your friends. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Recovered from 6 years of stroke after wearing Nefful clothing for 3 years, doctor even discharged him from diabetic.

Do you know anyone who is suffering from stroke? Do you want them to recover and starts to enjoy a normal life again:? Do you know anyone who is suffering from diabetic as well? Uncle Tony got discharged letter from his doctor for his diabetic condition.

Even for his condition of stroke, diabetic, Uncle Tony still have to take care of his wife who has been suffering stroke since 2007 from hemorrhage on the right side of the head, and he had kidney failure in 2008 due to eating too much medicine. Blessed by life, they got to know about Nefful and had since started to wear Nefful clothing full set 24hours a day for the past 3 years, now both husband and wife is slowly recovering to a better health. Below is his sharing on video, listen to what he has to share with you so that others may benefit from using Nefful clothing, bring hope and happiness back into their life when health improves.

Other significant improvements are his improved eye sight, hair starts to grow back, his muscles even starts to develop, and many more, do listen and let him share with you what he has to say. 

If you know anyone who is suffering from Stroke or Diabetic, do share with them regarding this video testimonial, I am more than happy to share more information with you or your friend. I believe there is still hope in leading a healthy life gaining back our happiness in the process.

Monday, May 9, 2011

What about Migraine, dry eyes and floaters, will Nefful's teviron helps too?

Do you know anyone who has migraine? I am sure everyone does, sometimes it happens to us too. And knowing that if I can help a friend relief the pain of migraine, I am more than happy to share with them another alternative. 

But what if my friends has dry eyes and floaters, will Nefful's teviron helps? Well definitely, and below is the sharing by Wang Zhang Min Hua. 

"...I would like to thank my daughter in law for recommending Nefful clothing to me, giving me the opportunity to get to know this high tech clothing from Japan that improves my health. For a long time, I have been suffering from Migraine, insomnia, dry eyes, floaters, constant cough, bone spurs, body ache, etc. I have seek help from Eastern, Western doctors, even local tribal medical treatment, including foot massage and many others, however I had spent so much money and I got was temporary pain relief as it did not cure the root of the problem, eventually the pain came back. I was feeling so much pain, sometimes thinking dying is much better. Thanks to my filial daughter in law for letting me try the Nefful clothing, and in just a short 3 days of using, my foot massage therapist discovered from my feet that my eyes has significant improvement. There I started to wear the full set of Nefful teviron clothing, After using the full set of Nefful teviron series, my medical checkup result shows that many of my condition has improved. Many of my friends even said I look much healthier. Nefful clothing really brings back my 40 years of health. At the same time, my grand daughter was also using the Nefful clothing and her asthma and eczema condition improved greatly. Thus I would like to share this wonderful product to all my friends and relative, allowing all to benefit and gain back health and happiness. 

Please share this with friends and relatives who has been suffering all this years, let them feel hope again so that they may gain back their health and put that smile on their face again. Have a great week ahead.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sharing of a 13 year old boy who had weak immune system, contributed by Jesvy Lai

Below is a sharing by Jesvy Lai, let her share with you this boy's health improved after wearing Nefful's negative clothing.

The boy's name has been change to protect his identity until he share his own testimonial.

"...I would like to share about a 13 year old teenage boy , MJ and we known him and family for many years. He had weak immune system since young and always take medication to recover from cold and fever. Lately, his mother discovered that MJ was having spermatorrhea every night and couldn't sleep well. My mum share nefful clothing with his mum and bought CA top and bottom for Wen Jie to wear at night. Results shown in a week , the boy can sleep soundly. Also, his CA turns to yellowish even though only wear it for a week. 

Please keep the good job!!! I like to read your blog and sometimes I also share your blog with people who have doubts.

Thank you Sanada.


I hope that this sharing will help those who are suffering this pain in silence, now there is hope. Please share this with friends and relatives that you may know might find this information useful. Please feel free to contact me via email or my mobile phone. I love to share more with you.

Charcot–Marie–Tooth disease

Have you heard of Parkinson disease or anyone who has? I know people who have this disease and it really affect the family members who are taking good care of the person suffering this.

I happened to chance upon this testimonial from youtube and I would like to share this with everyone of you so that you may share this with others who may be suffering from the same disease and yet still have hope. As it seems this disease has other names like Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, Roussy-Levy-Syndrome and of cause Parkinson disease. 

Now listen to what Mr John and Dr. Norma Tomlinson has to share after wear Nefful's negative ion clothing. He was diagnosed with charcot-marie-tooth (CMT) disease more than 4 years ago, his neurologist informed him that he has inherited an incurable disease from his father called Roussy-Levy-Syndrome (similar to Parkinson). Please listen to his great sharing. 

More information about Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease

If you know anyone who is suffering from the above disease, please share this with them, let them decide for themselves, it may be able to change their life. Do give me a call or email me if you need more information.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Finally pregnant despite 3 doctors said impossible to get pregnant

Since I started work more than 14years ago, I have met many couples in my office were trying to have a child since the day of their marriage. Many years passed and still they have not made any progress. I believe some may have tried IVF as well, I believe it is very expensive and may not guaranteed pregnancy. Now the following testimony may bring hope to couples who had been trying for many years.

Read up what Zhang Chun-Mei has to share especially about her pregnancy. 

..."My job is to clean streets every day, from morning till nightfall. It requires constantly sweeping the grounds for falling leaves. Because my body weight is more than one hundred kilograms, so this job is very hard for me. After awhile, my body suffered with more and more aches and pains. The bone spurs caused me the spine scoliosis, which forced me to put on back braces. Because my job requires heavy walking, my knee joints finally locked and could not bend anymore. All these health problems had made me worry about the job security.

I met AGM Shumin by accident. She told me the negative ion clothing would be helpful for me. At the beginning, with the small paycheck I had, I considered the products too pricey for me to afford. Nevertheless, with the thought of what would happen if I lost the job due to my illness in mind, I decided to give myself a chance. I started to use the products, and gradually I found that I could bend my knees, and I did not need to wear back braces anymore. What is more magical is that after six months of using the products, the doctor told me I was pregnant! I was so happy! Because of my overweight, and with menstrual period never going on smoothly, all three doctors I visited before told me that it was impossible for me to get pregnant. My dream has come true actually because I chose to use the negative ion healthy products. "To believe" or "Not to believe", just one word less, but the result is completely different!

If you know anyone who looking for an alternative despite trying out all the methods available, please share this with them, I am more than happy to share more how they too can expect to be expected. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

A little more about the man who got his sight back

I am happy to share with you more about Jiang Bang Han, he is the person in the video and I even took a photo with me and you can see from the photo that he has lost weight and look even younger and fresher.

Below is his story...

"...I used to be a chef and had a happy family. After the heart surgery in mid-September of 2006, I had lost my job. Unfortunately, at the end of the year 2007, the excessive blood sugar made me suddenly blind. According to the doctor, the retina was broken. I had to rely on walking stick when I went out. There were groups of black shadow in front of me all the time. It was very inconvenient for not being able to see things clearly. One day, on the way back home after I finished the check-up from hospital, I almost fell. I was really blessed at the time, because May-Yue Tsai ran over to give me her hand. She asked me why I became blind in such a not-so-old age. After I told her my story, she then gave me an eye mask and told me it might be helpful and asked me to use it diligently. I could not believe that such a small piece of cloth actually helped me to see again in a short period of one month. 
Today after three months of using the products, I can see everything clearly. Now as a member, not only my eye sight, but also my body become healthier. I am going to share these wonderful products with all my friends so that they can remain healthy. Thank God, Nefful, and May-Yue AM+. I'll continue to work on the business to help more people!...."

If you know anyone who might be suffering from the same symptoms as Ah Han where his blindness was caused by High blood sugar, please let them know that there is still hope. I am more than willing to share more about Nefful's negative ion clothing to you or your friend, do contact me for more information. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Follow up testimonial from the man who can see clearly once more

Do you still remember this man from the video testimony that I had posted earlier ? His eye sight improved greatly after wearing Nefful's teviron clothing.

Time had past and his condition improved further and let him share with you more about his improved condition and also how he helped someone else to improve the eye sight as well.

Ah han's neighbour had eye surgery and the doctor had to remove the eye from her eye socket and put it back in, however after the surgery, she still have to visit the polyclinic for eye solution clean her eye which had redness and keep having tears coming out from the eye. After wearing full set for 1.5 months, the redness has subside and continuous flow of tears had stopped.

Please share with friends you know who had the similar problem and let them have another chance to a good visual again.

More evidence on my slipped disc in 1993.

Have you ever wonder if I really had slipped disc? I asked my friends and they had forgotten about it as it happened in 1993 I had my first insurance policy and since then, I am not insured for any problem due to the cause of my slipped disc, so I had to be very careful when I walk, run, or even climbing down the stairs etc..

Below is my insurance policy from AIA, please read the fine print on page 3 of the policy below.

Page 3 of my AIA insurance policy showing the exclusion of my benefit should anything happened that is related to my slipped disc.

Page 2 of my AIA insurance policy that proves that this is my policy.

Thus there is hope for people who have slipped disc problem, I managed to have my condition improved so much without going through operation. I did it and if you know anyone who is looking for a solution like mine, do let them know about this, I am more than happy to share more. Now I am praying for a re-examination of my slipped disc so that I have medical evidence to show the insurance company and remove my exclusion. 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

How I survived the NTU Bike Rally 148km around Singapore on 27th Feb 2011

Have you ever played an intense badminton game for 2 hours and the next few days you will get sore and body aches and pain all over? Well I had before I wear Nefful negative ion clothing.

On 27th Feb 2011, I participated in the NTU Bike rally 2011, which consist of the 168km for the advanced riders and the 128km for the beginners like me. However unknowingly I entered the wrong route to the 168km and had cycled extra 20km before I realised the mistake, this was my first such endurance race and I cycled 148km around Singapore instead of the 128km for beginners

I will show you what I am wearing on 27th Feb 2011, Nefful clothing really helped me complete this race without much pain. Thank you Nefful for producing such wonderful product.

That night, I wore the full set of Eskimo long sleeve shirt and long under pants to sleep. The next day I am fully recovered from the tiredness, I woke up without any sore or pain on my body. I can only tell you how it felt on me, you have to wear it yourself to know the feeling.

Testimony of Luo Shue-Er

Four years ago the doctors informed Luo Shue-Er that one of her kidneys was shrinking and the other had stones. She started to wear Nefful negative ion clothing for the next six months before her next check up. To her joy, the doctors told her that the renal atrophy and kidney stones were gone. She continued to wear the Nefful negative ion clothing for her other long term illnesses like Hepatitis B, menopausal disorders, lower back pain, knee pain, insomnia, breast pain, gynecological disease, etc

Read all about it the attached detail sharing by her.

If you know any friends who are suffering as much as Luo Shue-Er, please share this with your friend for an alternative effective choice.

Testimony of Hu Kuan Dien

In October 1999, Hu kuan Dien's mom gave the Nefful negative ion Eye mask to his sister who had life long eye irritation. At that time, Kuan Dien's sister was not able to open her eyes when she woke up every morning. And after using the Nefful negative ion Eye mask daily for a short period of time, her eye irritation condition improved. After seeing her improvement, Kuan Dien's mother bought Kuan Dien and her sister each a full set to use. By wearing the full set, his sister's other problems like conjunctivitis, keratitis, high Intraocular pressure , Tinnitus , and migraine headaches had been improved dramatically.

Attached is the detail sharing of Kuan Dien, click on the attached document to read more about how Kuan Dien's own health issues had improved too.

If you know someone who can benefit from reading this testimony, please forward this, your friend will have another effective choice to choose from.

Testimony of Yang May-Fang

Yang May-Fang is very filial, she knows that her mom was suffering from long term hip and knee joint pain, and numbness, especially whenever her mom climbed the stairs in the past she had to pound her own hips in order to ease the pain. Actually I did the same too when I had slipped disc pain, I was hitting my leg to divert the pain. After wearing Nefful negative ion clothing, her mom no longer needs to pound her hip as her condition had improved as she no longer feel the pain when she climbs the stairs.

Click on the attached document to read the detail sharing of Yang May-fang and see how her own health problem improved too.

If you know any friend's mom who is suffering from the same pain as May-fang's mother, do share this with your friend, let them have another effective choice to ease the pain.

Testimony of May Chua

Attached below is the testimony of May Chua, click on the document for a detail sharing of how she started to use Nefful negative ion clothing since 2007, and how her urethritis, urinary seepage problem has been improved. Before she got to know about Nefful negative ion clothing, she was spending on nutritional supplements, but she didn't see any improvements but just using the Nefful negative ion clothing for 1 month, she began to see her body gradually improved. Let her tell you her sharing.

Please share this with someone who are suffering from the same pain as May Chua, let them have another choice.

2 years already I am still benefiting from wearing Nefful's negative ion clothings

Thank you so much to my friends (you), my family, my relatives and friends of friend for supporting and most importantly for believing in me. I thank Nefful Company for producing such a wonderful clothing so that my health improved after wearing the full set for just 3 months.

Let me share about my mom's improvement with everyone. 2 years ago before my mom wore the Nefful negative ions clothing, she used to be 80kg having a waist size of 102cm plus a hip size of 110cm. Now after wearing Nefful clothing to sleep every night, she had managed to reduce her weight naturally without any change in diet, to 74kg and has a new waist size of 93cm plus a new hip size of 107cm. She even told me that she could wear her old pants again.

To top it all, she experienced the most amazing shift in her health, her blood pressure, previously on the high side, is now lowered to healthy range, her frequent visits to the toilet late at night previously prevented her from sleeping well, those toilet visits gradually reduced to a point that now she can have uninterrupted sleep throughout the night til the next morning without having to visit the toilet at night.

Previously due to her weight, she had knee pain when she went shopping with my sister or just climbing the stairs would have caused her much anxiety and fear. now she can visit many places with ease.

I am happy that my mom no longer feels the pain and continues to enjoy herself, it’s almost like she has discovered a whole new life for herself that she has never experienced before - be it ; going out shopping and meeting friends, the quality of life that she now has is simply beyond her imagination

If you know anyone who is suffering from similar pain and problem as my mom, do share this with your friend, I am more than happy to share more information.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

More testimony from people who had improvements on their diabetic condition

I believe that if more than 2 different individual is able to experience improvement after wearing the full set of Nefful negative ion clothing, than it is something we should look into. Below are more testimonials I have found which I would like to share with you, knowing that someone might be looking for this and I hope through this sharing, I am able to help more people gain back their health.

Testimony of Gao Ming Hong

Testimony from Lai Fu Lin.

 Testimony of Liao Xiu Yin
Testimony of Li Fen Hsu

Testimony of Lin Zhong Gian

Testimony of Shiu Ching Wu

Testimony of Xuan Ling Ho
Testimony of Zeng Xiu Mei

Testimony of Zhuang Wan Zi

Please click on the above picture to have a bigger view. Do share this with someone.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hope for Diabetic patients

Do you know anyone who is suffering from Diabetic? Do you know anyone who needs to visit kidney dialysis center very often?

Personally I know a very close friend of mine who had Diabetic, and just a few days ago I visited his place of rest at Mandai Columbarium. I remembered about 1 year before his death, he had his leg saw off because of the decay in the leg and the wound just wouldn't heal up. At that time I do not know anything or heard of Nefful negative ion clothing, if I do I will make sure he wears them 24 x 365, maybe he would be still alive.

Today's writing is dedicated to him, may he found peace into his next life.

Lately I have recorded 2 testimony regard Diabetic patients' condition improved after wearing the full set of Nefful negative ion clothing and I would like share with you in the following video.

Listen to what Ann has to share regarding her dad's diabetes condition being controlled after wearing for over 1 year, even reduced in medications. At the same time, listen to Ann's personal experience how wearing Nefful negative ion clothing help her to reduce her fibroid from 5cam to 4.8cm thus avoiding an operation.

Here is another testimony from mimi, listen to what she has to share.

Mimi started to use Nefful negative ion clothing over 3.5 years ago on her daughter who was 15 years old, at that time her blood sugar level was at 25.9 and just using the full set of Neffful negative ion clothing for 5 months, her blood sugar had lowered to 14. At the moment of her sharing, her daughter's blood sugar had maintained at 7. Listen to what she has to share about her own personal experience and other fortunate people that she shared with. Remember to watch all as there is a very touching sharing about a little girl who gain back her confidences and rid her mental stress of her classmate laughing at her severe skin condition, now she can go swimming after wearing Nefful negative ion clothing for over 2 months, she gain back her health, confidences and self esteem.

Do share your friends or relative who is searching for alternative solution to his/her pain, give them another chance to live a better live.

Do feel free to contact me @ 9011 8620 or email me @ for more information and my presentation to you.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Testimonial of Breast Cancer patient and how Nefful clothing helped another breast cancer patient

Do you know anyone who have or had breast cancer? Do you know that the medical treatment is very painful? Do you know that some patient had their breast removed?

What if there is a better way to improve this condition, would you introduce this to your friends? I did when I first found out that my ex-colleague had breast cancer and lucky for her, her husband already bought a full set for her to use, I am so happy for her.

Below is a testimonial of a breast cancer patient, listen to what she has to say after using it for 1 month with amazing recovery. After her electric treatment for her breast cancer in the hospital, her skin actually turns black, however after just using the full set of the Nefful clothing, her skin cells actually recovered and grew new skin. Let her tell you her story.

Another testimonial shows that one of our member had shared Nefful teviron clothing to her niece and 2 other cancer patient in the hospital back in 2008, her niece listened to her and started to wear Nefful clothing and her condition improved and she is now back to the work force teaching. However the 2 friends that she met in the hospital did not and both of them passed away last year in June and December 2010 respectively.

Coincidentally at the car park she met a stranger who had blindness due to stroke, and just by wearing the Nefful teviron Eye Mask for over 2 weeks, he finally can see. Let her tell you in the video below.

Do share this with your friends if they have breast cancer, let them have another choice in life. I am willing to share more with you and your friends if they want to learn more how by wear Nefful clothing can improve their health condition.