Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How Nefful help relieve people with persistent period pain

Do you know anyone who is suffering in silent on their period pain? So much pain that they have to lay in bed all day when their period came. In fact I personally know this people and they were very close to me, at the time I do not know how to help them. I know they suffered because of this period pain, even now I still hear some of my friends complaining about period pain.

One and a half years ago, I came to know of Nefful and during the testimonial session, there is this lady sharing with everyone that she used to have period pain for many years, and none of the Doctors were able to help her. She continued to suffered, and 7 years ago (from 2009), her mom took her to see a Chinese doctor and she was given a Chinese medicine to stop her period. After taking that medicine, her period stop coming and she no longer feel pain anymore. However it came with a side effect, she became bloated and developed other sickness and her body became very weak.

Luckily for her someone introduced 2 pairs of Nefful underwear for her and the amazing thing happened. After wearing the Nefful underwear for 2 weeks, she started to have period again. What further amazed her is that she do not feel the pain again.

Why I am writing this is because I want to share with people around me this wonderful product and those people I care who were suffering from persistent period pain have gradually noticed that the pain is getting lesser and lesser than before. I am glad that they do not have to feel the pain anymore.

Read about others who had been suffering too and let them share with you their experience.Click on the below attachment to read the details.

Do share this with someone who is having this period pain for a very long time, this method is natural and do not need to take any medicine or pills which is safe and why I strongly recommend to my love ones.

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