Saturday, November 6, 2010

How my aunt's Hyperthyroidism condition is improved after wearing Nefful teviron clothing

Have you ever heard of Hyperthyroidism? Or do you know someone who is suffering from Hyperthyroidism?

Well, my 3rd aunt has been suffering from Hyperthyroidism for many years ago, she had an operation to remove part of the thyroid gland. However the operation did not cure her completely as she on Chinese medicine to suppress her pain. Most of the time she would choke in the middle of the night and that disturb her and her husband's sleep. Even when she is sitting down watching T.V. programs, she would get sudden attacks from her swollen thyroid glands and choke and cough painfully.

One year 6 months ago, I had introduced Nefful teviron negative ion clothing to my 3rd aunt and share with her the following benefit of negative ions along with the 3 testimonials from our members who had benefited from wearing Nefful's teviron negative ion clothing. I have regular visit to see how she is doing and just yesterday we met at my cousins function and she told me that she had not had any attacks on her thyroid glands ever since she started wearing the Nefful teviron negative ion clothing. I am so happy to hear this from her. And the best part is she hardly take the Chinese herbal medicine now as there is no such need anymore.

The benefit of negative ions.
1. Purifies our blood.
2. Rejuvenates the cells and increase our cell metabolism.
3. Enhance our body's immune system.
4. Regulate and balance our autonomic nerve system.

You can read more about Thyroid from the following website, after reading I feel that the benefits of purifying our blood and rejuvenates the cells and increase our cell metabolism is the main key factor for improving the condition of a Hyperthyroidism.

Please click on the testimonial from others that had used Nefful teviron clothing to improve their life and no longer suffer in pain anymore.

Please share this with your friends or love one who are suffering from Hyperthyroidism.

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