Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Injured wrists condition got improved

Have you ever got your wrist injured and lost all your strength even to carry something light? Well I had injured both my wrist Since 2006 when I first started to learn Épée one year after my Foil lessons.

At first I started with left hand as I left handed when I was born, and somehow my wrist was too weak and during one of the practice, I got my left wrist injured and left my wrist in pain and the strange thing is my middle finger will get stuck whenever I make a fist out of my left hand. You can imagine spider-man activating his spidy webs. In chinese it is called 檀香子Or more like the photo below. At first I went to see the company doctor, he told me that I need to have an operation to remove the inflamed tissues. It comes with side effects that the finger will respond slower. So I decided to consult another doctor, and he too told me that the only way is to operate.

I refuse to take that as the only solution, and my dear friend introduced Chinese sensei at clementi block 320 called the (南华) Nan Hua Chinese Medical Hall, which uses ancient Chinese method call "推拿 tui na" which the healer will use her finger nails to press on the infected or pain area to remove any clot blood in the blood vessels or veins. Trust me, it is very painful, some time I left that place 2 hours later with bruised skin. I was doing this for 12 months and I manage to see some improvements, however it was not fully recovered. I continued another 12 months of "推拿 tui na".

In 2007 I decided to join a fencing competition organized by the fencing school, it is the 2nd time I took part in the fencing competition, and this time I told myself that I want to win a prize home. I was competing with fencers half my age. I pushed myself to the limit and for the prize of my 3rd position in the standing I sacrificed my left hand and got myself serious injured. Now you know why I had to endured 24months of excruciating pain.

As I still believe that my injured wrist can be cured without any operations and does not have to be so painful, I kept on searching. Luckily for me, after 24months of excruciating pain, I finally met the benefactor of my life, NET Cindy Tsao whom had introduced Nefful Negative ion clothing to me. It was a bless to give Nefful negative ion clothing a try and it made wonders for me, my pain was gone after wearing for 2 months and my middle finger no longer get stucked whenever I make a fist just by wearing the Nefful gloves and the Nefful wrist support which I wear everyday.

Look at the colours of my wrist support and how I keep them in pairs after I washed them on a daily basis. Are you wearing your wrist support too? In total I have 2 pairs of Dark blue, 2 pairs of ivory, 1 pair of red and 1 pair of gray.

Now I am able to practice WingChun without much pain to both my wrist. I am wearing during all my practice sessions. Are you wearing yours too?

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