Monday, August 30, 2010

Having a itch and pain relief after mosquitoes bite.

After 1 month in the YOG (Singapore and World's 1st Youth Olympic Games) assignment, I am back to share more about my experience with Nefful, actually I had shared one testimonial of a Stroke patient in my post previously and didn't manage to send the link out. My apology.

Have you ever been bitten by a Mosquito? How did you feel? Did you scratch it? What did you do for ease the itch and pain?

When I was assigned to the YOV (Youth Olympic Village) during the night shift, I got a few visits from a Mosquito and it left 2 red dots on each of my arm just like the one shown on the picture. So I got 4 mosquito bites in total, I was scratching it every minute. I am sure you know how it feels, just imagine how a child of  age 1 to 10 would feel, I believe even more painful and unbearable.

Luckily for me, when I reached home, I quickly put on both my elbow supporters, immediately I no longer feel the itch and pain from the mosquito bites. I wore it until the next morning and when I woke up, I no longer feel the itch and pain after I remove both my elbow supporters for my morning shower. The swell had subsided in size too.

As now is the raining season in most south east countries, do prevent the mosquito from harming you and your family.

A photo of Nefful elbow supporter, not only does it ease my itch and pain from the mosquito bites, it also helps to relief the pain I got from practicing WingChun and Cycling.

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