Thursday, August 5, 2010

Discovered Improved Respiratory System when I was invited to a cycling trip

Have you experienced breathing difficulties? Dash for the bus and start to pent heavily? Played badminton or fencing half way and became deflated?

Well I experience the above all the time before I started wearing Nefful clothings. I still recall looking very pale after 1 match of badminton games doubles or even 1 round of fencing match.

I discovered this improvement last month when my friend invited me to join his Cyclist group to a Cycling night trip dinner. I thought it was just a normal cycle to a nearby eateries for dinner with a group of people with bicycles. When I asked how long is the journey, I was told 20minutes only, I was telling myself, should be no problem. Little did I found out that the 20minutes is only to ride to the meeting place for the whole gang. And there is where all my fears kicks in. We started at 7.30pm from Sengkang, and by the time we reached Sebangwang park, it is like almost 9pm. I was totally exhausted. We had a rest for drinks and some snacks at one of the roadside eateries and continued our journey back. As it was my first cycling trip, I could not catch up with the rest of the riders who were on professional bicycles made of titanium or very light alloy. I was totally lost and perspired like crazy. Luckily I was wearing my Nefful undershirt and pants on the inside, if not I might get sick the next day. I had to put in more effort to catch up as I was riding a mountain bike. But I made it back to the starting point and by the time I reached, most of the group members had left for home. : ) The total distance for my first trip was 32km.

I believe my friend didn't give up on me, just yesterday we were planning to meet up for dinner, but instead he changed his mind and invited me for Cycling with his wife and his 2 other friends. I just said yes as I wanted to confirm if my stamina and respiratory system does improves. I wanted to find out, I wanted to know if it is because of wearing Nefful clothing. The reason why I question this is because I do not run, I do not swim or do any exercise that will help improve my stamina, the most I do is to have walk with my dog twice a day near my home. It is less than 10minutes to complete 1 walk cycle. The next test I might do is play badminton again which I had stopped playing since 2 years ago. It might be a great chance to prove it further that by wearing Nefful clothing long enough, our respiratory system will improve gradually.

Above is the photo take with my friend mountain bike that he lend me for the Cycling trip. On the photo I have highlighted that I am wearing my wrist band, elbow supporter, both knee supporters, undershirt short sleeve and long underpants to keep me dry and comfortable at all time. I believe it is also attracting the negative ions in the air to give me the extra energy to complete my cycling trip. The total distance for me 2nd trip was 39km, 7km more than my first attempt, I believe I can do better in my 3rd trip.

Please help me to observe if you are experiencing the same too, do share with me your experience, I am happy to hear from you.

In the mean time, keep on wearing the nefful clothing.

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