Monday, July 19, 2010

What I found when I donated blood recently

Have you donate blood recently? Do you know your blood type? Do you know our donated blood can save life?

Actually I was due for blood donation on June as my last donation was in Mar 2010, however every time I found that I am available for blood donation it was a Monday and I went there twice on Monday. After visiting twice on Monday I will always remember that it is closed on Monday at Health Science Authority (HSA) and I ended donating on the 7th July 2010. When I was there the doctor and nurses all told me the same thing, there are less people donating blood lately, and I would like to take this chance to encourage you to donate blood for a good cause.

I first started to donate blood on 6th Dec 1993, the reason why I remembered so clearly the date is because I still keep my blood donation card. Until last year I started actively donate blood after six month of wearing the complete set of my Nefful clothing daily, and that was on 16th Sep 2009. Why do you wonder? During one of the Nefful sharing session on the 3rd Sep 2009, NET Chen was sharing about her past experience and that was the first time I heard about her own experience from using Nefful clothing. She used to be a housewife or rather a "Tai Tai" at home taking good care of the kids as her husband is a businessman, so she does not have concerns about money. However ill-fate was knocking on her door, she found out that she has hepatitis B infection, she was very sad. Luckily for her, her husband introduced Nefful clothing to her one day and asked her to try and being a good wife, she wore the Nefful clothing daily for 1 year even until now and during that yearly checkup, her doctor actually told her that the traces of hepatitis B in her blood is gone. She was so happy that she started to donate blood and had ever since donated blood until now. She even got medals for donating blood as she has been so consistence on her donation.  

I was very touched and inspired by her act and that night I made up my mind to donate my 'O+' blood regularly every 3 months.

The followings are things that I discovered from time to time when I donate blood and I hope you will consider about this cause of contribution back to society.

1. Even if you have high blood pressure, it is okay to donate blood, the only concern by HSA doctor is how weak you become after the donation. Rest assured, I had high blood pressure as high as 180/110, my doctor and insurance agents can testify for me, but I still donated blood and felt okay after that, refreshment is provided after the donation so that you can rest before making a move. My last reading is 139/79. : )

2. All blood donated will be tested for HIV, and other impurities.

3. Before the donation, the iron count in the blood must be checked, anyone with less that 12 count of iron in the blood will be rejected and given iron pills to take. The ideal is 18, higher that 18 is not good for our body too. Mine had been around 12-13, but my recent donation on the 7th July 2010 the iron count was 15.6, the nurse who was checking for me was surprised too. Now I believe that Nefful clothing actually helps to purify our blood and increase immune system in our body.

4. A good place to overcome our fear of needle if we have. After 9 donations it is no longer a concern for me.

5. It feel good when you know that you blood is being used to save life.

Last week I had a simple blood test at one of the road show, they were testing the oxidative level in our blood and according to their chart 300 to 350 is Normal and anything higher is not good for the body as it actually speed up the aging process of our body. To his and my surprise, my blood oxidative level is 226. So much lower that Normal, which means body aging process is slower than normal. I may be becoming younger than my actual body age. Anyway I am planning to do a full blood test and share my blood result with you soon.

In the mean time, please continue to wear your nefful clothing, I have experienced the change and I hope you will discover them too.

Have a beautiful day.