Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The wonders of Nefful Sample cloths

Have you started to use the Nefful sample cloths? Or has they been kept away somewhere in the closet? Do you know that they are worth over $250 Singapore dollars? Do you know that the number of negative ions in the sample cloths is as high as 10,000, imagine using it to cover your pain area, it will improve quickly.

Take a look at my Nefful sample cloths, you should have them in your bags too, take them out and start using. I will share with you why it is so useful.

Sharing #1
One of my good friend, very supportive to me had been using for almost 1 year already, I am very grateful and thankful to him for believing in me and giving it a try. He used one of the sample cloths and put it on his tummy underneath the nefful shirt and goes to sleep. After using it for just 2 weeks, his tummy had  significantly reduce in size which is very obvious to attract comments from friends and colleagues asking him if he had been working out. Thanks to his experiment, he stopped wearing nefful and putting the Nefful sample cloth for a while and very quickly his tummy went back to the obvious size again and since then he had continued to wear the Nefful shirt with the Nefful sample cloth when he goes to sleep. Yes, his tummy slimmed down again. His colleague even commented that it is very incredible and impressive for him to maintain such a flat tummy especially for his age. I am so glad that others had benefit from using Nefful clothing.

Sharing #2
I met one of my business partner in Bangkok in Mar 2010, and that is how I know another friend thru a friend. Just recently during my visit to Bangkok I visited my business partner and his lady friend was also there and she shared the following experience with me. My business partner had actually lend her the Nefful sample cloth and she started using it. She used it the same way as my friend, by putting it on her tummy underneath her clothes. After 3 months she does look different, she used to have a straight figure before using the Nefful sample cloth on her tummy, but just after using it for 3 months now, she now have a figure that she is proud of, which I am very happy for her. I think that she looks more confident of herself too. Another best thing is my business partner notice that her pimples on her face had reduced greatly. Yes, she now look even prettier than before.

Sharing #3
My personal sharing of using the Nefful sample cloth. I used to have shoulder joints pain, this injuries was caused by my previous activities in Fencing and Badminton. Some time the pain is unbearable to a point where I have to use my fingernail to press  on the pain area, causing another pain to divert my attention of the pain in the joints. I had seen doctor for this many years ago, however the doctor told me that it was caused by my sleeping posture, I used to sleep with my hands flanged over my hand to sleep, having a long period in this position and for many years, this unnatural sleeping posture caused rupture to my should joints and thus causing the pain that I used to have. When I first gotten my Nefful sample cloth, I used it on my should joint just like the picture shown below. I wore it every night to sleep, and true enough, after wearing it for 2 weeks, I no longer feel that pain any more. Since then I had carried my sample cloth with me wherever I go, I never know when it will help me or someone relive the pain. I am very thankful to Nefful for producing such a wonderful product.

Sharing #4
Last week on 1st July 2010, another member was sharing how the Nefful sample cloth changed her life. She was going to Singapore to see doctor for her stomach pain where the pain is so severe that it makes her roll on the floor most of the time. After checking with the doctor and going through X-ray and CT-scan, the doctor informed her that there were 6 holes in her stomach and traces of worm too. As the operation is too expensive for her at that time, she had to go back to Indonesia to borrow money for her operation. Some time life does many miracles, on her way back at Tanah Merah ferry terminal, she met her friend whom she had not seen for 6 years, and she shared with her the stomach pain and diagnoses of the doctor and how much it cost for the operation. And during the conversation, she felt the sharp pain again, her friend quickly took out 2 Nefful sample cloth and place 1 on her stomach underneath her shirt and places another on her back underneath her shirt having full skin contact with the Nefful sample cloth. The ferry journey is around 3 hours, however after 1 hour of having the Nefful sample cloth on her stomach and her back, she actually felt relieve instantly. Her friend lent her the 2 sample cloth for 3 days, which she didn't felt any pain at all. There after she used the Full set for the next 6months and returned to see the doctor. To her surprise the doctor told her that the new X-ray shows that the holes are no longer there any more and she does not have to do the operation anymore.

I hope after hearing my friend's sharing and my personal sharing, you will take the Nefful sample cloths from your hidden drawers and start using it and trying out the miracle this wonderful cloth can do and share your experience with me so that others may benefit too on other area of use for this Nefful sample cloths.

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