Thursday, June 3, 2010

I used to have body ache.

I used to have body ache when I woke up. Have you have this problem too? Especially after a good workout in the Gym or like me after my fencing class last time or even a long hours at work. Do you have this aching pain on a particular spot that keep bothering you the following day? Every moment you make is pain.

I am glad that I do not have this problem anymore, just in fact I was reminded about this just the other day when I was sharing about nefful to my friend. We were talking about body ache and at that moment, I remembered I have another friend who had tried it for 1st night also told me the same experience, the very next day after wearing the Nefful negative ion clothing to sleep, the body ache wasn't there anymore. I too had that experience, after wearing the Nefful negative ion clothing to sleep, I sleep better and the next day I work up more fresh and with any body ache.

Further to my personal experience, recently I had taken up Wing Chun and every time after the sessions I would feel body pain all over, and in the past when I did my fencing and Badminton, I would feel body ache for the next 3 days. However now after a good shower and slept with my nefful clothing, the next morning I would wake up fresh and my body felt great, there is no sign that I had a heavy workout like Wing Chun. This really increased my confident in Nefful negative ion clothing much further and I keep sharing this to all my friends.
So if you are having the same problem that I used to had, than do give yourself a chance to enjoy a good night sleep with a refresh body the next morning.

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