Friday, May 14, 2010

I had enduring pain from slipped disc problem

Do you have slipped disc problem as I do? Do you have pain from the waist down to one of the leg and if you walked too long, stand too long or even sit too long, you will feel that your leg is numbed? Do you have this sharp pain to the leg and the spine area? Do you have needle like pain when you bend too much when you brush your teeth? Do you have no feeling something at the end of the toes?

Well I experience all the above after I had slipped disc at the lumbar 3 region as informed by the doctor whom examined me.

It was 1993 after the Poly Examination, so me and my classmates visited the roller skate arena in sentosa, at that time roller blade is not invented yet I believed. So it was my first time trying out the roller skate, unfortunately I didn't learn the basic and started to skate by myself, before I know it, I had fallen on my back and was facing the sky. Little did I know that I had actually injured my back, but I was assisted by my friends to stand up and clean up. Somehow I was still able to walk and managed to limb back home. After shower I went to bed, and when I woke up I had lost senses and feeling on my right leg, I could not get out of my bed, it took me 2 hours just to turn to the side, it felt like paralysed. It was torture for me when I need to pee and I could not get out of my bed. After 2 weeks of pain in bed, eventually I mastered a way to get up and was accompanied by my mom to the Chinese doctor, there I underwent a very painful treatment by the Chinese doctor, every 3 days I have to take a journey by train followed by walking to the Chinese doctor clinic in remote end of Chinatown. I was pain for every step that I took. That is why I still remember.

After 2 months of treatment, I am able to walk better however the sharp pain is still there whenever I walked, stand or sit. Then came a letter from the Army stating that I am to report for National service, and I had to endure 4 months of basic training with that pain even though I have been excused from drills, marching, physical exercise after 1 month. The police academy doctor finally down graded me to pes "E", which is excused from any physical exercise.

I continued my pain through out my national service and into my working life for the next 20 years.

So you can imagine how after wearing Nefful clothing full set for 2 months, I do not feel the sharp pain anymore, I can even stand longer than before, sit longer at the cinema and even able to walk longer especially during my holiday.

It is great to have my 20 years of sharp pain on my waist and right hip finally relief and no longer be bordered every second. I really need to thank Nefful for producing such a wonderful product that help me to relief my 20 years of sharp pain. Thank you for Cindy Tsao AGM for introducing this wonderful product to me. I am very proud to share this wonderful product to any one who is sufferring some form of pain like me to give yourself a chance.

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