Monday, April 26, 2010

The Best birthday present I had given myself in 2009

Somehow it seems that only when one had a near death experience will one start to cherish one's own life. It was during one of my best friend's funeral back in early 2008 that woke me up and start to cherish myself, my life and my body. I was overweight back then and had high cholesterol, high blood pressure and even fats in the liver as I had my medical check up every year in December and that was the health report I got. So it strike me hard when Cheng Han passed away, I visited him every night after my Quantum leap seminar at midnight.

At that moment, I had decided to make changes to my health, I began to search for a natural cure for my high blood pressure issue, high cholesterol concerns and my fatal fats in the liver fear. I began to exercise every morning with push up and sit up, and my persistence lasted me for 2 years. I took supplements, my weight went down, however I had to visit the toilet many times. I watched my diet carefully however I could not resist the delicious food out there which are not healthy for our body.

Than in January 2009, when I was attending "Master your mind" 3 days seminar, I used what was taught on the first day, I kept thinking of having a healthy body without taking pills, I kept having this thought throughout the day. Everyday, every break, we have to change our seats so that we may have a different perception and somehow the universe was listening and based on the law of attractions, a lady came to sit beside me, we introduced each other and shared what we were doing. Somehow when I read her name card, it made me curious about the product and I asked more questions. As it was quite technical, I was invited to the Nefful product seminar held in Singapore every month for the past 4 years. So I accepted the invitation to attend the February session.

When I was there I was greeted by Cindy AGM, whom I am very thankful to her to introducing such a wonderful product to me, and I was seated almost right in front of the stage. The seminar began with testimonials by other users, I was quite skeptical about what they had said, some even cried during their sharing. I could feel that they had spoken from their heart. I listened to the whole seminar and I decided to sign up as member immediately and bought the full set for my own use as well as for my aging parent. I told myself that there is no harm trying as it is not pills or medicine from unknown source, it is just clothing that I wear to sleep or on a daily basis. My health and my parent's health is more important than the money, and if I do not have a healthy body, I may loose my job too, thus that was the decision that changed my life, especially one who had encountered a near death experience personally.

Another reason I told myself that it will be a birthday present for myself in 2009, which I believe it has been the best present I had so far. I invested on my own health and my parent's health by getting the full set and I have never regret since. After I placed my order in February, I only started to wear them in Mar 2009. At first I was not discipline enough to wear them everyday, but when little things starts to improve like my smelly feet,  and especially when I start to notice that my daily pain from my slipped disc was no longer there (will share more about this in my next blog), I began to gain more confidence about wearing Nefful negative ion clothing and started to wear more within the 2nd month of owning the Nefful negative ion clothing, I had since wore it 7x24, as I had purchased 4 set of clothing to change, I was change everyday and washed every other 2 days to maintain my supply of changing everyday.

One year had passed and my health had continued to improved much more than I had expected as recorded in my blog. And just yesterday I had measured my blood pressure and happy to see that it is 150/78, I have to continue to watch what I eat too. : )

I am very excited to share this wonderful invention by Japanese scientist since 1938. It has really helped many people that I know get back to their good health.

Maybe now I know why my benefactor AGM Cindy Tsao who was graduated in Boston university with a Master degree would not look for a job when she graduate but instead chose Nefful business as her life long career so that she may share this wonderful invention with others so that they too many benefit from wearing it like I do. I am very thankful to the company for producing such a wonderful invention and very grateful to AGM Cindy Tsao for sharing this wonderful invention with me and most of all indebted to Chairman for their encouragement and moral support. Without them I might have given up on this wonderful invention and my health would not be as healthy as I ever imagined it would be.

The photo shows the Nefful negative ions clothing which I change day and night per set, knee support for my mom, socks and wrist support that I use daily, and lastly my nefful blanket that I use when I sleep at night.
Thank you very much Nefful.

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