Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I had very high blood pressure problem

Are you taking medicine because of High Blood Pressure? Do you have giddy spell once in a while? Do you get out of breath easily? Here is my story.

I got to know about the term High Blood pressure when I was doing my body check up by the school when I was only primary 6. At that time I was active in school activities like gymnastic, one leg, monkey bar, etc, however when it comes to running, I was always short of breath even though I look very fit on the outside.

So I was very shocked during the body check up by the doctor, I was told to stay back after my check up and seated in one corner and was told to relax myself. Well, I admit I was nervous slightly but I think I am quite relax because there is no injection or any need to draw blood for testing during the 1970s.

My wait was finally over, I was call to take my blood pressure again, with the blood pressure cloth wrapped around my arm, air pumping into it, and my arm began to fell numbed as more pressure is being pumped into it. I stared at the guage, I noticed that it had went up as high as 180/110. Anyway at that time I do not have any idea what is it, thinking that the higher the number the better. As I was still young, the doctor didn't tell me much and felt that I was too young to have High blood pressure. Life still goes on.

During my secondary school day I have the same experience, when all the students had left, I was told to remain in one corner to rest and relax and had my Blood pressure taken again. Result is the same, over 180/110 which the doctor at that time felt that it is abnormal for a teenager who looks so fit at the time to have Blood Pressure so high. I used to dream of having six packs on my stomach as I like to watch Jacky Chan's movie and I would do 200 sit ups per day religiously. Somehow this still do not make my blood pressure normal. Well I still not know much about high blood pressure, as the doctor did not bother to tell me much and back then internet is still at it's infant age.

Than I was call up by the army for medical check up which is required by every single male citizen in singapore to be enrolled for National services. Thus during the medical checkup, I was again told by the Army medical doctor that I have high blood pressure. But there was nothing else that was told to me.

The very first time that I was told to take medicine was when I first started my work life, and the company doctor insisted that I take the high blood pressure medications, it was paid for by my previous employer thus I told the medication, little did I know that after one year of takng the high blood pressure medication, I noticed that I have developed a manhood problem, I actually have erectile dysfunction during my mid twenties. I was into depression, I was shy to tell anyone, not even to doctors.  I was at a total lost.

That is when I decided to stop my High Blood Pressure medication and do research on my own.  After stopping the High Blood Pressure medications for about 6months or so I notice that I am slowly recovering from my erectile dysfunction, I was so happy.

Ever since I have been searching for a cure for my high blood pressure condition without compromising my other function of my body including my kidney. I was looking for a save and natural method to improve on my high blood pressure conditions. I continue to have headaches and fainting spells when I have my high blood pressure attacks from eating too much of oily food.

I really got my wake up call finally when one of my best friend past away in 2008 due to complication caused by diabete, that I realised that I must do something with my health condition or my life will end shortly too. From then on I started my search for the natural cure for High blood pressure, studying from the internet and reading from books, I understand more about high blood pressure and the effects of taking the medicine. Now that I am more informed, I wanted to find something that could improve my current condition without takin pills or medications. Believing in the law of attractions, I began to attract people who introduce me to supplement for lowering High blood pressure, however I tried it but still feel uncomfortable as it is something that I need to consume into my body.

While attending the Master your Mind seminar by T. Harv Eker, We were taught to use our mind to picture our future, and on the first day I pictured myself having a pink of health riding horses every day with my beautiful wife. It was so real when our eyes were closed and these images starts to play in our mind. It was on the second day in the afternoon that I met the benefactor of my life AGM Cindy Tsao, she shared with me about negative ions clothings, I was curious and wanted to learn more. There I was invited to attend the product seminar and after the seminar I signed up as member and invested a full set to wear. And that was how I started to wear Nefful clothings religously as I do not need to consume any pills or medications and it is the most natural form of healing. Just wearing the full set daily for 3 months, my blood pressure came down to 150/90. And I continued to wear for better health improvement. It was the best birthday present I got in March 2009. To be continued..

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