Monday, January 25, 2010

Cold Test for Nefful Negative ions clothings

Last Dec 09 I was away from singapore to expand my sharing session in Thailand to my friends in Thailand as I felt that Nefful clothing is really wonderful as it has helped me and my family and relatives and some friends to benefit from wearing the clothings. As recent feedback from some of my relative and friends had shared their experiences with me at the same time expressing thanks for me, I felt warm after that. : )

When I was there, I was told to join a mountain climb, I was not prepared for what I am going to see and experience. During my trips to Taiwan last year for my Nefful business meeting and training, I got to visit a few mountain area and the highest we went was 1700meters above sea level. However to my surprised it took thousands of turn up the mountain to reached over 2500meters above sea level which is the highest point in Thailand, most people would not have imagined that there is a place as cold as 4degree Celsius in Thailand, well I was there without any winter clothing.

It was really a good chance for me to test the strength of Nefful clothing. As you can see from the photo taken, I was with 3 beautiful ladies, they are fully covered from head to toes with winter wear. I was only wearing a nefful scarf, wrist band, nefful men's long sleeve underwear with a Nike jersey(with see thru holes for cooling during hot football matches) with nefful long socks and nefful men's underwear. So you can imagine how little I am wearing for this kind of weather. Luckily for me I only felt freezing on the areas that are not covered like my finger tips and my ears. The rest of my body is still quite warm from wearing nefful clothings. But I think if I replace my outer wear Nike jersey for another nefful men's long sleep undershirt, that would be warmer.

I would recommend that you visit the highest point in Thailand, the view is magnificent, and if you do go, do wear nefful clothing, cause the negative ions is plentiful. : )

I will share more about the testimonials from some of my friends in my posting.

Have a healthy happy day.

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