Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I had a sinus problem

Do you have a sinus problem?

I used to have.

I remembered the days I had stuffy nose all day long and within 2 days I used up 1 box of tissue just by blowing my nose several times a day especially right after I woke up in the morning. I would sneezed at least 3 times in the morning followed by flows of mucus where I clean up the mess using the box of tissue. At that time I am not sure what is it and why I have as none of my family have this problem.

During my early discovery of this medical condition called "Sinus", most of the time I thought I was having a cold, but when I go to the doctors it just disappear especially after my walk under the morning sun to the clinic. However when I am under cold temperature like the office building or the server room in particular without my jacket, my "Sinus" will visit me again when. Do you have the same condition as I do?

Occasionally the stuffy nose can last up to a week, with every moment mucus starts to drip from my nose and I have to hunt for Kleenex quickly to clear my nose. Do you have this same problem as I do?

I do!

If I do not clear my stuffy nose, I will have blocked nose which will affect my breathing. Do you have this problem too? I wonder if this contributes to my snoring too?

This year Mar 2009, I received a wonderful gift which I have no idea that it will help me so much until 2 months of using when I was talking to a friend of mine whom too had used the wonderful gift and had his "Sinus" problem removed. I recalled the past 1 month and too notice that I do not have the above symptom any more. Thus I did some research on this wonderful gift and found out that the eye mask is actually made with Teviron. Thus I began to find out more about Teviron and why my "Sinus" problem got healed. Which I will continue to share with you more about this wonderful gift.

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