Sunday, September 6, 2009

I had problem holding my pee

Have you ever have problem holding your pee and when you arrived at the gents and ready to pee, the pee just don't flow out? As you stand there others just pee and go, you are still standing there, wondering if whistling will help. Finally after a few long minutes, a few drop of pee got off and quickly zip up and leave.

I used to have this problem.

When I had this problem, I didn't share with anyone, I was shy and afraid to know what problem I had so I kept to myself. As time goes by, I believe the condition got worsen and this lead to my other erectile dysfunction which I will share more next time.
So I began drinking more water each day until a point I noticed that I have grown in size, I believe that the water that I drank is trapped in my body, as I have difficulty passing pee out of my body, the water somehow become part of my body. I believe the medical term used is water-retention.
Gradually I became shy to pee in the urinal and had to look for cubicle to finish my business without any stress. I had to walk very far or even run to an empty toilet especially when I attend seminars or after watching a movie.
Further to my own investigations, I realised that it could be my kidney having problem as kidney is the organ that is in-charge of producing urine, and if I were to visit the gents to find that only a few drops of pee is release, that should indicate that the kidney is not functioning properly as it is suppose to be.
I began to search for solutions, I began to exercise and watch what I eat, however this does not help much. Then I took supplements however if I do not drink enough water, I would cause residues in my kidney and this will lead to yet another problem.
Luckily for me, my confident in Nefful clothing increases after wearing and I started to notice improvements to my health conditions like my sinus issue, foot odor, etc. So I began to wear the nefful underwear during the day and a fresh pair at night when I go to sleep.
After a few days of wearing the nefful underwear, I started to notice that I have more pee in the morning. On the second week of wearing the nefful underwear I noticed that my first urine of the day in the morning is accompanied with bubbles, which I later found out that it is actually fats, toxic from my body. By third week of wearing nefful underwear, I began to have smoother flow of urine and I am so much relief and happy to see bubble as I know that my kidney is functioning properly again.

The great thing about this is that I am able to pee at the urinal again after so many years, beside this I have also realised that in the morning my other member would wake up much earlier than me which I had not seen such miracle during my teenage carefree time. I will further share more about my erectile dysfunction problem in another time.

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