Sunday, September 6, 2009

I had Foot Odor problem

Have you ever felt that everyone is staring at you and covering their nose when you enter the premises like the foot massage parlor or house visit where you need to take your shoes off and that familiar smell starts to fill the air.

I used to have the above problem and experience.

In the past , on many occasion when I returned home from work, when I took my shoes off, I can feel that my feet are both wet and my socks smells so horrible that it can use in chemical warfare. My feet were so smelly that even my dog will keep a distance when I am taking my shoes off and removing my socks for the day.

I recalled when I first time to the foot massage parlor after a day's work, my masseur would request me to wash my feet first before she starts as the smell is really unbearable. That is when I start to be more sensitive and aware of my smelly feet. I didn't have any solution then.

As I recalled, every year when I do house visit especially during Chinese new year or birthday party, I would have felt that someone is staring at me with the notion that hands covering their nose as if to hint to me that I have Foot odor or "Hong Kong Feet" problem. I didn't have any solution then.

But now, I am so much happier and have not more worries about Foot odor anymore after wearing a 100% Teviron socks for less than 1 months, I noticed that my dog run to me for his welcome hug even before I remove my shoes and socks. I can feel my feet feeling dry and to my joy I do not smell any odor coming from my feet. Even when I carry my socks to the washing, I do not smell any odor not even when I bring the socks nearer to my nose. The smell is gone.

The best of all, I do not have to worry about smell from my Feet any more and I can go to house visit with pride.

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