Friday, September 4, 2009

I had constipation problem

Do you have constipation problem?

I used to have.

And in fact I developed my reading habits because of my constipation problem. I cannot recall when I started to have constipation problem, but I do remember I decided to bring a book with me when I started to notice that I have to wait in the toilet for more than 30mins and some times over 45mins before my bowel agreed to send the clearance and release form. It was then that I decided and started my reading habits in the toilet.

However all this sittings and squatting for prolonged hours is not good for our knees, which will be told in another time.

As you can imagine, after the prolonged sitting and squatting in the toilet, caused my blockage to my entire body's blood circulation. When I tried to stand up, I felt numb in my legs and I had to stand still for about a minute of two before I can take my first step again.

The stools were getting harder and too dry to get out of my system, I felt pain and bad feeling everyday. Gradually my stomach get bigger each day, I believe it is the toxic that is being retained in my body. I had to tailor made new clothes because I was becoming bigger in size, the heaviest during that time was 117kg. I cannot believe it myself too when happened to weight in the hotel room during one of my business trip, it was 120kg. I was shocked and looked at the mirror, I was round and looked like a bouncer.

Early last year, one of my best friend past away at a very young age which is younger than me, and that incident was a wake up call for me to do something about my current health or prepare to be visited by friends.

I got myself 100% Teviron's men's underwear and started wearing religiously day & night for 2 months, of which on the start of the 3 month of wearing the 100% Teviron's underwear, I noticed the pages that I read in the toilet had reduced by half. Gradually till now I cannot even finish 2 pages of the book I am reading before my passing motion activities completed, this is really a great relief and miracle for me. I was so rejoiced and happy that I no longer need to be afraid if the toxic will ever go away. I am freed from toxic everyday.

The best thing is that I really developed a habit of reading even after the my constipation problem is solved. But most of my reading is done in my living room on my comfortable chair.

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